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  1. It's going to happen eventually. Hope I am the one
  2. Yeah... I've been playing on and off for the past few years but this time I wanted to be sure about the darts I use
  3. Like thin ones, which are generally expensive. Hence wanted to check. Thanks for the advice
  4. Does anyone here play darts? Could you suggest me a good set of darts to purchase for beginners?
  5. What does this mean? Will Yogi not be upgraded to second place? What I think he meant was for Kudukhov's family to keep his medal only. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to be uplifted to second place.
  6. @Prashanth @Madhusudhan will be writing a blog about my experience. Will share the link here when it's done. Regarding Madhusudhan's question, yep the atmosphere is electric. But on tv you have the option of following everything. So pros and cons in both. I would definitely advise that being over there is much more fun! Moreover, now you can carry a smart device with you and stream whatever you want to follow, a lot of people were doing that. Let's Tokyo 2020!
  7. Same link can be used for Leander's mixed doubles matcch later unless the court changes.
  8. Sania's 2nd round women's doubles match live streaming link:
  9. Did we win any qualification tournament? What does NR mean which has been written next to India and Pakistan?
  10. Woah woah woah! What a great experience it was! I'm starting to save up for Tokyo Sorry guys was so disconnected and the really long travels between venues and my accommodation didn't give me an opportunity to check this forum out. Am back home and will post detailed records of my experience once I am over my jet-lag
  11. Similar is the case in India. Cricket overshadows almost all other sports.
  12. Badminton group stage order of play out:
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