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  1. I didn't like the ceremony, yes the drone was nice but it was more about licking the king's ass..this is a continental games not a local stuff..also the stadium was half empty
  2. Judo events will be held on 17 & 18 because of the world championships
  3. will be present in both men & women's handball events
  4. Yeah everyday around 11 hours of broadcasting with english commentary now they r showing cycling
  5. Karate also will not be a part of the process , Judo yes
  6. Victoria Valencia won the -51 kg gold medal..well deserved (they r showing boxing on Youtube)
  7. I think Katinka can do better if she just focus on IM, this is the right time for her to give up on the other races
  8. Some athletes r not good at dealing pressure outside the this point i agree with u..but still a swimmer who wrote and keeps writing history, he answers with his's difficult for some people to see a chinese guy winning since 2011..and let's be honest many athletes do what Sun did at the ceremony (i mean sayin to Scott that he win ..) Boxers do this all the time and people love them ! Footballers too.. there's a contradiction in the standards
  9. I believe in second chances, i've been one of Yang's fans since his beginnings and nothing changes for me They r just convictions and opinions,i respect yours of course ps: excuse my english i'm not good enough at speaking it ^^
  10. People like'em make things more exciting, at least they don't pretend to be angels
  11. I don't like to question the achievements of others ..for me the accused is innocent until proven guilty ..even Sun i still love this guy
  12. A new WR too for Regan right ? the 1st woman ever to swin 100 back under 58 sec !
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