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  1. Probably should have read that part before skipping down towards the bottom, then. That's an oops on my part!
  2. For those in the U.S... NBC Pacts With Twitter For Exclusive 2020 Tokyo Olympics Live Programming The NBC-produced four daily Snapchat Shows are: A highlights/recap show comprising NBC Sports broadcast footage and editorialized captions (premiering June 2020) A single Olympic event highlights show that will be updated in near real time and will feature HD clips of the biggest event happening that day from the U.S. Olympic Team Trials and Tokyo Games (premiering June 2020) A daily NBC Olympics hosted studio show focused on storylines, memes, trends and culture around the Tokyo Games (premiering July 2020) “Chasing Gold,” a reprise of the series profiling Team USA athletes competing in the Summer Games (premiering July 2020)
  3. Definitely helps the cause of the Paralympics that not only is it on an NBC owned platform (as opposed to 4 years ago when it was all on Team USA's website), it's on a service that NBC is going to be selling hard over the next few months. I don't think the Paralympics will ever be even remotely close to the level of the Olympics, but this is a nice step in the right direction for them. Looks like Olympic Channel (the worldwide digital version, not the U.S. veriosn) had the rights in 2017. Not sure what to expect television-wise here since they're taking place in the United States. Same host broadcaster as last time, but I doubt we'll get more than streaming coverage here. Mostly because when I first read this, my first thought was "what the heck are the World Games?"
  4. Since I'm likely going to become the resident expert here on all things NBC Olympics, here's what I've gathered on Peacock.. There are 3 tiers of service. A lot of the content is available for free, but it will be ad-supported. That includes things like libraries of old TV shows, plus access to next day airings of shows on NBC. Then there's the paid tier. $5 gets you additional content which will include among other things, access to NBC late night shows before they air on late night (i.e. Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers). And the third tier is $10. That's the same as the $5 tier, except it is ad free. In terms of Olympic content, Peacock will have exclusive streaming of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. I'm guessing that means it will NOT be available on the Sports app, although to my knowledge, that's where all the event streaming will come from. So that, as usual, will be tied to whether or not you have a cable subscription. But there will be additional programming exclusive to Peacock. No idea at the moment if this will be on the free tier or only as part of the paid service.. Plus, it sounds like Peacock will have all the live streaming of the Paralympics. They're promising more than 1,000 hours. And I have a feeling they'll continue to grow as we get closer to Beijing. Don't know if I'll become a regular subscriber, but I'll gladly pay $10 for a month to get all that!
  5. Maybe it does in Asia just because that's 1 of the only times they go head to head with players from MLB. But if you ask anyone outside of Japan for his biggest career achievements, I doubt winning the WBC is going to be that high up there. Baseball isn't a sport that lends itself well to having a major international tournament on the scale of the Olympics. Combine that with the fact that it's difficult to get all of the best players all together, it will never have the kind of worldwide recognition other sports might.
  6. Well, so long as that Comcast money keeps flowing. The IOC did them a huge favor this last time around not opening up negotiations for the other networks, basically telling NBC "thanks for everything over-paying for the last 2 deals, here's the next 6 Olympics at a discount." We'll see what happens down the road. I agree they won't award both Games, but it's not the most impossible outcome if only to lock in Salt Lake before the IOC starts negotiating a new TV deal
  7. Meh. I agree with heywoodu.. a lot of athletes will say they're going to. And then they'll get to Tokyo and not actually do it.
  8. Sapporo and Salt Lake will be the 2030 and 2034 hosts in some order. I think we'll see Sapporo get 2030 in order to distance Salt Lake from LA 2028. Won't hurt matters that 2034 will be the first Olympics of a new TV contract after NBC's current deal expires
  9. Official release from NBC.. NBC OLYMPICS PRESENTS EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE OF 2020 YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES FROM LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND Date Time (ET) Event Thurs., January 9 8 p.m. Opening Ceremony Fri., January 10 8 p.m. Day 1 Sat., January 11 8 p.m. Day 2 Sun., January 12 8 p.m. Day 3 Mon., January 13 8 p.m. Day 4 Tues., January 14 8 p.m. Day 5 Wed., January 15 8 p.m. Day 6 Thurs., January 16 8 p.m. Day 7 Fri., January 17 8 p.m. Day 8 Sat., January 18 8 p.m. Day 9 Sun., January 19 8 p.m. Day 10 Mon., January 20 8 p.m. Day 11 Tues., January 21 8 p.m. Day 12 Wed., January 22 5 p.m. Day 13 Wed., January 22 10 p.m. Closing Ceremony All coverage is same day delay. Each night's block 3 hours long, save for the ceremonies
  10. Thanks. I hope this doesn't turn into a Vancouver 2010 situation where the Opening Ceremony takes a backseat to the news of someone's passing in the host city.
  11. Terrible news from Lausanne on the eve of the Opening Ceremony.. Performer fighting for her life after Lausanne 2020 Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal accident
  12. Money. Probably costs them nothing to show a highlight program. They'd have to spend to fire up their studios and control room to show live events. I'll be curious to see what they use Olympic Channel for in Tokyo. I read that the basketball and soccer specialty channels are going away. Wouldn't mind if they do the same thing as PyeongChang where Olympic Channel is all news and highlights.
  13. Finally an announcement from NBC acknowledging there will be TV coverage of the Youth Winter Olympics.. 2020 Youth Winter Olympics TV schedule 3 hour nightly program on the Olympic Channel (the linear cable TV version in the United States). Plus presumably all of the streaming coverage from the online version of the Olympic Channel.
  14. What a finish by Klaebo to beat all the Russians to the line. Wasn't sure he would be able to pull that off. Great 2nd half of the race!
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