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  1. You are rigth about Chiaraviglio but i have some confidence in him and for the "particularitys" of his speciality. In pelota i have big confidence in the team, i change one silver for a gold of your prediction. Boxing: you are rigth, i forget Leonela but like i said: its a very random sport, everything is possible...... Football: the others teams have similar problems and most of our rivals are not from south america, the helps. Rugby: i didnt know that, it will be terrible lose that gold in that case..... Voley: you can be rigth in that case.
  2. @LDOG sory for waiting this 3X3 basketball: im more optimistic, a final of the argentinian male team is not "madness" Archery: Except a miracle of Florencia Leithold or Eugenia Gonzalez Briosso, you are rigth. Artistic Swimming: Total agree Athletics: i have a little hope for gold of Caseta or Chiaraviglio.....but thats it: only hope, i dont think Badminton: a medal here.......absolutly impossible!! Basketball: with some luck, the male team obtein the gold. Basque Pelota: i expect at least another gold here. Beach Volleyball: wow, very optimistic here.... Bowling: i dont believe Lucas legnani wins another bronze here, i agree. Boxing: This "sport" is very dificult to predict with all the corruption.....i really dont think in a gold medal here but yes in another medals and more than one, in who are you thinking for the gold? Canoeing: a very probably predict Cycling - BMX: i agree with you here Cycling - Mountain Bike: I hope the we will have the medal of Soto Cycling - Road: I never expect nothing of this part of the cycling, total agree. Cycling - Track: The good times in this sport are in the past.....i agree. Diving: If at least we have somebody here........ Equestrian: i have the fingers crossed to have that bronze medal from the jumping team. Fencing: probably our country will have that four medals. Field Hockey: I agree, i hope we wont have surprises AGAIN. Football: i believe the male team can win a medal, not the female. Golf: may be that bronze in the male competition Gymnastics - Artistic: a very little hope with Dominici...but, yes, agree. Gymnastics - Rhythmic: Sol Martinez Fainberg makes agree with you Gymnastics - Trampoline: Total agree Handball: Sadly, agree Judo: We wont have more than this Karate: the bronze in female 50 kg, i dont believe any man can have a medal. Modern Pentathlon: Im not very optimistic in male, our ucranian will have her medal. Racquetball: nothing to discuss, Longoria and Mexico will have the golds. Rowing: in the decadence of this sport en Argentina, probably you are rigth. Rugby Sevens: a male medal, sure, but no the gold one. Sailing: i love this sport hehe, total agree Shooting: Mostly agree and can be more Skating - Artistic: the female gold medal, of course i agree Skating - Speed: i dont think Argentina can win a gold medal here but a few another medals, probably. Softball: i believe the world champions can have a medal here, hehe Squash: i disagree, Argentina will have at least the male team medal here, may be more (in the female, nothing) Surf: Wow, i dont think Argentina will win a gold medal here. Swimming: Totasl agree here, specialy for Pignatiello, Sebastian and Grassi. Table Tennis: Horacio Cifuentes can be in the podium. Taekwondo: Mmmm i think Lucas Guzman wont be the only one in the podium Tennis: Agree with your prediction Triathlon: i dont expect nothing here Volleyball: I dont expect medals here, may be a bronze. Water Polo: Total agree Waterski: i expect some medal from Giorgis, less Armas......from the rest, nothing. Weightlifting: only a miracle will give a medal in this sport Wrestling: agree, in this case i expect less than you, Patricia Bermudez and Agustin destribats are the only interesting wrestlers
  3. The referee of the match of Brazil and Argentina was localist, im not talking about robbery in this case, for me Brazil had A BIG FIFA HELPS in the times of Havelange, with Blater that change....but Brazil still being the local country and, before this tournament, im 100% sure of the title of Brazil.
  4. Do you remember the match with Brazil in 1995 and "the hand of Tulio", probably that case was worst than this.....well, Brazil is the obvius champion of this tournament.
  5. Is not common to this team has luck, even that, im satisfied with this result, i expected a disaster and it was only 2-0, i dont want to see another second place in this tournament against Chile......
  6. For me Brazil is the champion, a clear one.
  7. Brazil 1 -0, the match is over, i hope it wont be more of 3 goals the diference.
  8. Today at last, Argentina plays football......
  9. Predictable result, Argentina is sure to advance to the next part of the tournament only because Qatar is in the group and the two best thirds advances to the nextround.
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