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  1. Its debatable but that part of the femenism believe in an existence of "patriarchy" in the west, in the history of mankind the are more equality than in the present, and they dont give any importance to the biology, can being whatever they want: if i see me like a space ninja and you dont agree with that, you are an spaceninjafobic...... The 3 are fanatism, the 3 are stupiditys but there arent in the same level: the anti-vaxxers are clearly the most dangerous.
  2. I always thinked that is an stupidity of this part of the world....but you are rigth, is a world stupid fanatism.....
  3. The anti-vaccine movement is the most stupid and dangerous western fanatism of all, even more than the flat-earth movement (poor Galileo Galilei) and tje feminism of the third wave.
  4. The most important: are you happy with the results?
  5. Im really sad to read what happen with Rodrigo Huk , 25 years old!!, too young......R.I.P tocayo.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS SPAIN!!, a big nigthmare for our team Im proud of this team, i never expected this result!!, we can think in an interesting future for this team. LDOG makes an exactly description of what happen, so i remit to his post.
  7. What can i say? this team makes easy the dificults things..... They having a biggest performance than i ever imagined, it will be a very interesting final with Spain.
  8. I never expected a semifinal, i dont have words to describe my happines with this team.
  9. Argentina is not participating.......OK.
  10. I really don expect this big diference between Argentina and Poland, is a shame but the next game is with Serbia.......of course Spain will be a terrible rival too. Probably, the best basket world cup in the "average" level of teams.
  11. Dont worry , yesterday i was a little angry with the situation of the return of the comunism, i want to say it was only for yestarday but we are watching the consecuences of that: the dolar pass to 1 dolar 47 pesos to 1 dolar 62-65 in just the morning of today!! Remember your lucky for born in a country when this kind of problems are not more than "Scienci Fiction".
  12. Ok, is a bad candidate for me but at least is not the FF, in a ballotage between both, i wont vote for any of them, i dont see a substantial diference betwwen them, specially in the economical aspect. May be you are rigth, i see Alberto like a very "gray" politician, without any power, or talent in fact at least today, he wont have any own congressman, they are mostly "Camporas".
  13. I dont see Macron like right and the PP now they dont know what they are. They dont make any serious thing to make this country a little "liberalism", with the kirchnerism Argentina was more or less in the same position. Larreta is not , i put two examples of libertarianism and conservative, he is not neither of both. Alberto doesnt exist for me: he is nor more than a puppet of Cristina,The Campora and all of them........in fact, barely remember his existance. for your side, congratulations, you choose one of the two ways to continue decreasing the PBI Per capita year after year.
  14. How can be a goverment who increase taxes like "rigth" goverment?, or make promotion of the LDGB lobby, etc etc, how can a "neoliberalism goverment" being 148 of the world ranking of economical freedom? http://www.iberglobal.com/files/2019-1/economic_freedom_index_2019.pdf or this: https://www.lanacion.com.ar/politica/tecnicamente-gobierno-mauricio-macri-es-centroizquierda-opino-nid2228356
  15. Yes, she was, the dictadorships normally are populars...but that is not necesary a good thing.
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