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  1. is the medice worst than the illnes?, the pillage is starting in the south of Italy, this things (for me) give the reason to a politicals like Trump
  2. There are things about our countrys thats is better to dont know Ate least for what i read, the Sha was in part incompetent and a puppet of some western goverments (not like Puyi of Manchuria, of course) and understimate absolutly his oposition and Khomeini, very helped for the western leftist (specially from France), one of his biggest mistake was the hard repression using the army against the few oposition in the streets, with the deads, they increase the numbers in a few time.
  3. China is not doing so many test now, remember.
  4. Here is: you can be outside ALONE and only for essential activities like buy food, you cant invite nobody in your house.....of course, faithful to our idiosyncrasy, a 20% of the population are doing whatever they want.....
  5. You mean: outside the houses, rigth?
  6. our goverment discard the "quick test" for coronavirus, great.
  7. The Prince Charles of UK has coronavirus, its funny because is the only corona (crown in spanish) he will have.
  8. Well, a spanish use a "dog costume" to break de quarantine.....
  9. Wow, they take too much time to do this......i hope this wont be "smoke", we need more test per day.
  10. Big Brother?, that program still exist in some part of the world?
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