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  1. Incredible result for Guzman
  2. You make me surprise with your opinion about this.
  3. Is Cuba for you better than Argentina?
  4. In summary: leftist and conservatives
  5. Liberalism like the democrats in USA or we are talking about "libertarianism".
  6. Wow, how many!!, are more or less the same like my country?
  7. And for a law of 2009, there are less now: in that time we have near 1000 political parties, here you have national, provincial and local parties......the most part are peronist, socialist or comunist, probably the 90% of them
  8. Ok, you are not "comunist", well your political systema has some curiositys like you say, here are more of 500 partys , is the another extreme......
  9. Still being shocking the existance of socialism in USA, i know the old Sanders who lost against Clinton.
  10. I cant separte both things but i know, for a friend of mine, that in your country is diferent.
  11. Of course depends of the country, here the muslims are practically all conservatives and that is what i see of them all over the world, it isnt a "bad thing" at all, like all things, its has the good and bad aspects. are you considerer socialist?, is something shocking coming from somebody of USA, on the other hand, is a good thing of you the tolerance for religious people, for me the problem is not the religio, is the fanatism (in everything).
  12. Muslim and conservative are for me the same thing.
  13. Well but is for a particular comunist goverment of Venezuela, the rigths and freedoms are mostly "the same" in all the west.
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