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Karate 2017 Discussion Thread

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phelps    88

52nd European Senior Championships (Kocaeli, TUR)


Team Finals, Final session


Women's Events


Team Kata

Gold: Italy b. France 5-0
Bronze: Spain b. Portugal 5-0 & Turkey b. Germany 5-0


Men's Events


Team Kata

Gold: Spain b. Italy 5-0
Bronze: Russia b. Azerbaijan 4-1 & France b. Montenegro 3-2


Team Kumite

Gold: Turkey b. France 2-1
Bronze: Ukraine b. Germany 3-1 & Croatia b. Italy 3-1


So, Turkey wins the Medal Table with 4 Gold Medals, followed by Italy and Spain with 3...

Ukraine got 2 and Austria, Latvia, France and Serbia complete the field with 1 Gold Medal each...

Finally, 16 Countries won at least 1 Medal overall...

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bestmen    277

Afriacan Senior Championships, May 30- June 5,2017 Yaoundé (Cameroon)


participating nations:


countries inscriptions
alg.png ALGERIA 7
ben.png BENIN 12
bot.png BOTSWANA 13
bdi.png BURUNDI 10
cmr.png CAMEROON 27
cha.png CHAD 8
cgo.png CONGO 7
cod.png CONGO, DRC 8
civ.png COTE D`IVOIRE 7
egy.png EGYPT 8
gui.png GUINEA 7
mtn.png MAURITANIA 3
nam.png NAMIBIA 1
nig.png NIGER 1
ngr.png NIGERIA 1
sen.png SENEGAL 13
sle.png SIERRA LEONE 1
rsa.png SOUTH AFRICA 21
tun.png TUNISIA 20



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bestmen    277




COUNTRY                                                          Goldmedal_gold.png    Silvermedal_silver.png    BronzEmedal_bronze.png                  
1 EGYPT egy.png EGY             3 0 1 4
2 SOUTH AFRICA rsa.png RSA 2 4 5 11
3 BOTSWANA bot.png BOT 2 0 2 4
4 ALGERIA alg.png ALG 2 0 0 2
5 TUNISIA tun.png TUN 1 0 6 7
6 CAMEROON cmr.png CMR 0 6 9 15
7 CONGO cgo.png CGO 0 0 3 3
  SENEGAL sen.png SEN 0 0 3 3
9 BENIN ben.png BEN 0 0 2 2
10 BURUNDI bdi.png BDI 0 0 1 1
  COTE D`IVOIRE civ.png CIV 0 0 1 1
  CHAD cha.png CHA 0 0 1 1


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phelps    88

Karate 1 Premier League, stage #5 (in Leipzig, GER)


Back to usual business in the 5th stage of the K1PL, with Japan showing how good and far away from the rest of the world they are...


at the end of the week, they won easily the Medal Table with 6 Gold Medals, meanwhile all the remaining Gold medals well spread between 8 different Countries (AZE, GEO, GER, ITA, RUS, ESP, UKR and VIE)...

and, beyond the obvious happiness for Luigi Busà's new success, I'm particularly surprised and pleased by this last one...


The 8 Olympic Classes have been won by Japan (4 Golds, among which both Kata events), Georgia, Italy, Ukraine and Vietnam (1 Gold Medal each)...


Here are the full results of this K1PL stage:


Edited by phelps

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