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    In steps First I had a Brazilian girlfriend, who later became my ex-girlfriend. Then it was time for the Winter Olympics of 2010 and on the biggest Dutch forum, every year there is the 'support an exotic nation' thread (which I introduced here on Totallympics last year), so naturally I chose Brazil. I did so again for 2014, this time asking athlete Leandro Ribela a couple of questions. A year later I did that again, since he had quite an interesting project ot help children from the favelas (Ski na Rua - ski on the street), I published that on a Dutch website, he posted it on his Facebook and this new Brazilian biathlete (Bruna Moura) suddenly DM'ed me asking if I was an athlete or a fan. That led to her being without a doubt my best friend in the world now, almost 3 years later And since the other young Brazilian biathlete is her best friend (together with me now ) and they absolutely always hang out together wherever they can, I'm now friends with both of them and whenever I visit them for a competition (this is the 3rd time) we mostly hang out together with the three of us
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    Or, was it: "Are you an athlete or a stalker?"
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    Ne pamtim kada je neki golman imao 18 odbrana, od toga 10 zicera. A opet nismo pobedili. To je prosto neshvatljivo. I nikako da naucimo da se utakmica resava u poslednjih 5 minuta. Ne pamtim kada smo pobedili kada je bila ovakva klackalica. Uvek ili nereseno ili gubimo Ako nista drago mi je da se Andrea vratila. Odlicno drugo poluvreme za nju. Ali sto kaze Dani, Sanju uopste ne koristimo u napadu.
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    Suđenje u poslednjih deset minuta Mislim da nije bilo presudno, ali je uticalo na psihu naših...
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    Brazilian flag packed, check. Ok I've got everything, time to go say hi to the Brazilian biathletes in Switzerland
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    And in this photo we can see how stage will look
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    This's way too much handling situation with Russia , like we're living in 100 % clean sports world and the only problem for this clean world come from Russia
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    I think it doesn't help when I say just yesterday I bought a Brazilian flag that's almost too big to easily hold when spreading my arms? (I bought it to take with me to the biathlon next week, so the girls know where I'm standing )
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