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Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018


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vor einer Stunde schrieb Fabinter:

It's always sad to be forced (unless I try to avoid this thread, but I cannot, as I am an old "jurassic" football fan) to read such offensive comments against other Nations or sportsmen: among the most zealous and biased commentators, there are OlympicFan, Bestmen, ThiagoSimoes and Heywoodu: I call them all, with a good-natured Italian expression,"pontificatori"..."Pontificatore" directly derives from the ancient Latin word "pontifex": it implies that someone is always busy in "preaching", besides being often sarcastic and sometimes offensive.

They should also remember there's always somebody much older than them who could remind them about inconvenient mishaps, caused by their Nations sportsmen or idols or indeed by their ... whole Nations and I really would not like to reply to OlympicFan with something harmful; so it would be nice that he could refrain from offending the memory of two world cup victories in a period where there were no jokes at all, couldn't he ? One thing is kidding and teasing or expressing an opinion, another thing is stating something unproved. Otherwise I (all of us, actually) could unchain a long list of facts regarding German, Netherlands, Algerian, Brazilian (and many Countries more) athletes and their respective Nations, but that would be a pity for all of us !

Thanks for the free language lesson, maybe you should try to learn some history. Here is what happened during the semifinal of 1934 world cup between Italy and Austria (i try to translate it from german wikipedia):

"The game was decided by a controversial referee decision by Ivan Eklind, who had been welcomed the day before by Benito Mussolini as an honorary guest. The only goal of the game was score in the 18th minute, when several italian players pushed the austrian goalkeeper Peter Platzer, who had the ball in his hands, over the line. Ivan Eklind (the referee of the game) even actively interfered, when he prevented a cross from reaching the free-standing austrian attacker Karl Zischek with a header"ßball-Weltmeisterschaft_1934#Halbfinale



You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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vor einer Stunde schrieb thiago_simoes:

As a drag queen said before, "sweetheart, let's get it together before you wanna read".

As a gay man, I've been attacked numerous times by bestmen, and Sindo does nothing about it. Nothing. He's always given me the same old excuse, that it would make no difference to ban users because they can create new accounts, and for all that's worth, bestmen is still around with his questionable comments. I have my fair share of complaints about OlympicFan, but I decided to ignore him and never reply to what he writes. A few days ago, he made fun of Polish and Senegalese people in a humiliating way; curiously, he wrote a few moments ago that nasty people must lead miserable lives, what says a lot about him.

Now, I replied to his nasty comment in a way that would subvert his own logic. I am always respectful and every time I criticize the results, I present my point of view. I never refer to specific users in any way that would make them feel bad or sorry about themselves. Besides, I've been around for a long time, even before the forum moved to this new format.

You read ONE comment I make and you call me pontificatori. Well, we have a word for you in Brazilian Portuguese: cuzão.

Have a nice day.

You clearly seem confused, please quote where i did what you claim i did, otherwise i have to report you for telling blatant lies about me. Thanks!

PS: You replied to me at least once recently, do you just feel the need to lie or are you just a person who forgets rather fast?

PS2: On sunday you insulted me, then i reported you and your comment had to be deleted (page 239 in this thread) and now you say

a) You don't reply to me

b) You "never refer to specific users in any way that would make them feel bad ..."?

I don't get it, why are you telling lies that everyone can easily find out as lies?

Edited by OlympicsFan

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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1 minute ago, OlympicsFan said:

You clearly seem confused, please quote where you did what you claim i did, otherwise i have to ignore you for telling blatant lies about me. Thanks!

i don't know who he thinks he is 


one thing is sure , he thinks he is always right :crazy:

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