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  1. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's 400m Ind. Medley Day 2 July 25th 2021 Brendon Smith Wang Shun Leon Marchand Max Litchfield Broadie Williams Any Hungarian
  2. Lidia Valentin (ESP) was 5th in Bejing 2008 and 4th in London 2012. For the doping, it's silver in 2008 and gold in 2012. Who compensates Lidia so lost? Injustice
  3. Tokyo 2020 will leave Rio 2016 tatters ... Spectacular Rio 2016 have not seemed about own Games of the XXI century. They have regressed.
  4. You can not always win, today the lot fell on our side. Good luck to Tokyo 2020
  5. Congratulations girls. Spain achieved silver medal after failing not the whole competition. They are the deserved at London 2012, but the judges did not valued as well. Russia gold, but not penalized earned him the first exercise, and this dragged note of the other teams. 20 years in Atlanta, Spain won the gold medal, the first Olympic champion of this modality ago.
  6. Jesus Angel Garcia Bragado, flag bearer for CC. He has not won medal at the Olympics but has participated in 7 editions: Barcelona '92, Atlanta '96, Sydney'00, Athens'04, Beijing'08, London'12 and Río'16. He is 47 years old and says goodbye here.
  7. Hi. Years ago I was operated vision and wears glasses. I guess it looks better bar.
  8. Thank's Ruth is an example for many children in Spain.
  9. I am very happy haver seen the victory of Ruth Beitia in the high jump, the first woman Olympic champion in athletics Spanish. Although not a final high-level, all had the same opportunity. Ruth gets the recognition of his career, for 37 years he will retire soon. Thank you, Ruth
  10. Hello, Olympic Fan. First of all, I would ask respect for Spain, a country that is struggling to emerge from recession and whose athletes are in a difficult situation, with little help. I'll remind the world champions we have had in recent years; - Fatima Galvez (Shooting, Trap) - Alberto Fernández (Shooting, Trap) - Echegoyen / Betanzos (Saling, 49er FX) - Javier Gomez Noya (Triathlon) - Carolina Marin (Badminton) - Miguel Angel Lopez (Athletics, Race Walk) - Female Waterpolo - Men's Handball - Joel González (Taekwondo) --- And many othe
  11. Well, Italy won bronze in London 2012 because he was not penalized errors.
  12. Faultlessly, Spain could also be medal. Bronze medal in 2015 World Championships.
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