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  1. Yesss, I mean money for World Cup. And I already have information: Singles: 1st: 1300 € 2nd: 1000 € 3rd: 800 € Doubles: 1st: 2000 € 2nd: 1400 € 3rd: 1100 €
  2. Hi! Does anyone know how much is earned for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the World Cup? And for overall classification? I can't find any official document anywhere...
  3. Croatia played very well tonight. But we was a TEAM. It was our best match on this tournament. Thank you, Croatia. It was very good match!
  4. Neymar scores in FIRST MINUT! WOW! But I think goalkeeper from Honduras fouled. He should has a yellow (or red) card! What do you think about it?
  5. Netherlands team is very good in this tournament. But on women's volleyball everything is possible.
  6. Lin Dan is amazing! This moment I think Kidambi couldn't come back. His opponent is too fast :-)
  7. I was wrong. I can't believe it... Brazil is out. Fantastic game and congrats to China. You're right. The pressure is too much. First set was easy for Brazil. Second was more difficult than first. Third was more difficult than second. And fifth was the most difficult. Brazil can't play under this huge pressure.
  8. It's night in Poland now. But I am sitting and watching match Brazil vs. China. Brazilian volleyball is perfect! Brazil vs. Netherlands in semifinal it will be a very good match!
  9. Yeah. Referees at this tournament - it is a joke. Many, many mistakes. We choose the best referees to Champions League matches, to World Cup or EURO matches, but we can't choose good referees to olympic tournament!? It's a joke!
  10. Sweden played terrible, but... they won. Sweden beat US, now Seden beat Brazil. It wasn't a beautiful game. Brazil were better, I think.
  11. We are telling it like it is I was cheering for Canada, but I saw this italy theatre...
  12. Yes. Yesterday match was a very good theatre. Italiy played... nothing. Nothing good. They make a surprise for Canada. About draw: we will be play agaist US. It will be good match. I think we can win it.
  13. It will be crazy night! I am cheering for Canadian team too. I think Canada may win. And the last match - Brazil vs. France - will be decide about the advance to quarterfinal. Wow!
  14. China vs. South Korea - it will be a good match I think!
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