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Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

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3 minutes ago, dareza said:


Not surprise. Best Chinese player Zhu Ting is member of Vakif.


i know i'm just kidding :d

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On 23/11/2018 at 06:56, George_D said:

Aek Athens (my team :) ) signed today Farhad Salafzoon from Iran. 

What is the opinion of friends from Iran about him? Thanks


i just saw this . if you still want an answer let me tell you he is a terrible player :d he had his NT debut when he was 16 ! but he never improved since then. he was NT second setter sometimes mostly because of his good blocking skills. not really a good setter. always had problems with his coaches. actually he left his club in Iran for Europe because of his problems with the coach. he is 3rd or 4th setter in Iran at the moment.

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