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  1. Generelly speaking, I think that's a sensible idea. But it's not like Marathon and Race Walking are the only endurance diciplines at the Olympics. What about Cycling, Triathlon, Eventing or even some Athletics disciplines in the Stadium?
  2. 7,30 metres in Long Jump is below level? It's the 12th highest mark ever. 6,90+ for the other two medallists isn't too shabby either. I'd argue that for example the women's shot put had worse results.
  3. Yes, it is possible. Finger's crossed. But I think this was the reason, why he didn't give up this Competition earlier.
  4. Yes, he either needs to get the standard in (probably) either Götzis or Ratingen or complete two (?) Events for World ranking Points. These Events could also be Indoor-Heptathlons.
  5. It's not exactly a News, that Germany biggest medal chances here are on the very last day of the World Championships (Long Jump women and Javelin men). A glance on the schedule would tell you. At this stage of the WC I expected one medal, and this is exactly what we got. Though I expected Hussong to be the medalist. Though I still have some hope for a Decathlon medal. Kaul had a pretty good first day, only roughly 30 Points behind his PB. And his second day is the much stronger one, particularly Javelin and 1500m. It will be very difficult, though, since Victor is in excellent shape. If Victor continues like this, I think he will not only win Bronze but also defeat Warner for Silver.
  6. And also, not having to run lane 1 is an advantage. Lane 1 in 200 and 400 metres is really bad because of the radius. Lane 9 is much better.
  7. I'm sure Möller can be one of the big shooting Stars in Europe. In more than one discipline. And I agree about Krause. It's ironic that she is mostly known for her fall in London instead of her European titles or World medals. And the fall wasn't her fault anyway.
  8. Frankly, I don't think it really changes anything. Only the winner qualifies. If Germany wants to qualify for Tokyo, they have to defeat the teams from Group B as well, sooner or later. It's not a European Championships, where reaching the semis gives you a chance for a medal.
  9. Germany didn't compose anything. The Groups are seeded by ranking. It's just that Germany as host is seeded first. Your women will, too.
  10. Germany has a realistic chance to medal in K1 as well. Aigner missed the final because he touched one gate, otherwise he would have only have been 0,88 seconds behind in the semis. It's an extremely close Competition.
  11. Nope, because Berlin is part of the World Marathon Major Series.
  12. Wow. Gold for Herzog. Never expected this. So we won the medal in the event where it was least likely.
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