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  1. I mentioned the IMO most likely European picks for a quota at the first tournament. I want Germany to win one as well, but I fear it's not very likely against China.
  2. The host and the seven best not yet qualified teams in the European ranking list after this years European Championships can participate. Croatia is currently 11th in the Ranking: https://www.cev.eu/Rankings/Women.aspx So let's assume Serbia, Russia and either Netherlands or Italy qualify at the first tournament and the host is an already better ranked team, this position would be exactly the last one that allows Croatia to take part in the EQT.
  3. Yeah, for example now all the specific events in Athletics and Swimming are listed. That was not the case previously.
  4. Also Standards for both Saskia Feige and Nils Brembach at the National Championships in 20km Race Walking: Brembach 1:20:48 h Feige 1:30:40 h https://www.leichtathletik.de/news/news/detail/olympia-norm-und-dm-titel-fuer-nils-brembach-und-saskia-feige/
  5. Yes, and he gets many points for the World Ranking. Given that he already had pretty good results at the World Championships and in Acapulco, this might not be underestimated regarding the World ranking quota place. Still, slowly but surely the chances to qualify are less and less.
  6. Germany wants to apply as host for the European Qualifying Tournament.
  7. With Quooß losing the place for the final, this was the next best result from my point of view. First of all, both can't win a quota place at the European qualification Events anymore. And second, Couzy can't win a quota place through World Ranking, where Quooß has a realistic chance. By the way, I'm really excited if one needs to hit every target to make it to the man's final (or if even this might not be enogh to be sure).
  8. Quooß losing the almost safe spot for the final is hilariously fitting for German shooters so far during the qualification phase.
  9. Does the Swim Festival in Bergen count for the Olympic qualification? If yes, than is now qualified. 16:30,92min for Julia Hassler at 1500m Freestyle.
  10. Edit: Posted the same thing twice by mistake. Sorry.
  11. I'm not sure if you are serious, but I actually would like this. IMO, the biggest problem with Open Water Swimming is, that you can barely recognise who is who. A time trial with interval start would solve this.
  12. Hello, rjovica. These two disciplines will be Olympic Events next year in Tokyo.
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