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  1. Theoretically, we could know the first semi-finalist tomorrow. If Spain and Belgium draw, than the Winner of Italy vs Poland will be in the semi-final. The match against each other is the first decider, if two teams have the same amount of points.
  2. So it will be either France vs Brazil or Germany vs Brazil in the round of 16.
  3. In the Women's Tournament yes, in the Men's Tournament no.
  4. Neither will Mbappé or Dembélé or really anyone who plays the Euro 2020.
  5. You are right, they are not pronounced like that, But I can't think of any english words with similar phonetics either. For the French Speakers: The "ö" is pronounced like "eu" in the french word "joyeux". The "ü" is pronounced like the "u" in many French words (for example in "une" or "tu").
  6. I used Wikipedia as a source (they had Five quota places at the WC), and they seem to have the free spot from the Asian Games reallocated at the World Championships instead of giving it to Indonesia. I think that's wrong, so four of the five will win a quota place?
  7. The following men's federations still have the Chance for an individual quota place. (2 chances) (2 chances) (2 chances)
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the following have won an individual quota place: Women
  9. Men's Shot Put Bob Bertemes, 21,29m http://www.tageblatt.lu/headlines/2129m-bob-bertemes-stoesst-neuen-landesrekord-und-schafft-die-olympia-qualifikation/
  10. I would have said the same if she were from Mars. She was literally kicking her opponents leg.
  11. India and China also won their Matches.
  12. Pawel Wojciechowski 5,81 metres in Pole Vault in Bydgosz: http://live.domtel-sport.pl/?seria=0&runda=3&konkurencja=Mt&dzien=2019-06-11&impreza=6
  13. Link to the result page for the Turku Meeting: http://live.time4results.com/yu/2019/png/ Christoph Harting 66,01m in Discus Throw I think this is the only new standard so far, given that Zhu Yaming had too much tail wind in Triple Jump. Edit: Now Zhu Yaming jumped 17,21m With regular wind.
  14. I don't really follow archery. I like it a lot, but I hardly ever watch it (no wonder, it's basically never broadcasted here). But based on rankings and past results I agree that they should have a good chance finish top 8. But that's all I can say.
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