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  1. EselTheDonkey

    Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Luitz was pretty consistent in the year before his injury. From January to December 2017 he finished in the top 5 in all World Cups in Giant Slalom. We'll see, if it can continue like this or if the mistakes from his earlier Career will return.
  2. There was half an hour break shortly after noon according to German media. But I think it's over. At least the live results are working (more or less): https://live.fig-gymnastics.com/schedule.php?idevent=13335
  3. Does a similar Simulation exist for the women as well?
  4. EselTheDonkey

    Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Laura Dahlmeier is ill and has to take a longer break in Training. She most likely won't compete at the very least in the first few World Cups.
  5. EselTheDonkey

    Athletics IAAF World Championships 2019

  6. EselTheDonkey

    Judo Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    IJF has put the Olympic Ranking on their Website, including the list of athletes that were currently qualified. Men: https://www.ijf.org/wrl_olympic?category=all_male Women: https://www.ijf.org/wrl_olympic?category=all_female Team: https://www.ijf.org/wrl_olympic_teams
  7. And here's the official document: Rugby Sevens Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf
  8. EselTheDonkey

    Judo IJF World Championships 2018

    Thanks a lot.
  9. EselTheDonkey

    Judo IJF World Championships 2018

    When will the final rounds start?
  10. EselTheDonkey

    Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    USA has at least silver as well.
  11. EselTheDonkey

    Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Medal for Sweden.
  12. EselTheDonkey

    Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

  13. EselTheDonkey

    Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Couldn't they simply add two more Judges and not count the worst and best result, like it is done in Diving or even Ski Jumping.
  14. EselTheDonkey

    Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Did I miss Laura Kraut or didn't she start?