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  1. Is it sure that one of them will not qualify? I don't really understand the reallocation System, but I thought there were lots of reallocated places in Women's kajak and they would simply fill the next K4? So they can really all qualify, right?
  2. I think if they qualify 6 quotas, they can use these 6 athletes in the disciplines they want to. Same is true for 4 or 5 athletes. Basically, if they qualify nothing but a K4, they can theoretically start in any event they want.
  3. Spain is crushing the Netherlands and will likely make it to the final. That can have consequences for the OQT as well. If Spain wins the final as well, it's not unlikely that two out of UK, Germany and India will be in pot 2.
  4. Does that mean, that if for example a federation qualifies one K2 and one K1, they will get reallocated one quota place, so that they have filled their K4? Or do I misunderstand it?
  5. Yeah, he has finished his season. After a back injury in spring he simply isn't in good enough shape to participate and will focus on Tokyo.
  6. Women's 800 metres Christina Hering 1:59,41 minutes in Pfungstadt: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1b8LP3gU85/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. I'm sure all dutch Hockey Fans were watching this game biting their fingernails until the end, hoping against hope, that they might sneak through.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, it's quota places for and in Women's skeet. Finally another one!
  9. Really, it doesn't make much difference. Even if the WCH Marathon were in August, a start in both Berlin and the WCH would be highly unlikely.
  10. During the Finals in Berlin, the German Coach said in an interview, that they nominated the team to win as many quota places for the OIympics as possible and that medals at the World Championships are secondary this time. Remember that an athlete can only win one quota place, even if he competes in several disciplines.
  11. Netherlands will very likely beat Russia. So all they need to reach the semis is for Belgium - Spain not to end in a draw. And even if does end in a draw, Netherlands still has a good chance, because Spain only has a Goal difference of +1. So with a win with a goal difference of two or more against Russia, Netherlands will definitely make it to the next round.
  12. On the official site, Ondra is listed as 19th in lead and the final quota goes to
  13. Thanks a lot, that explains everything. By the way, some small correction: Megos finished 17th in Speed and not 14th.
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