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    I LOVE that bestmen's post have an article on this site
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    What the fuck is "Olympic Athletes from Russia" though? Do Independent Olympic Athletes.
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    TISC-News have already moved to a new platform. You can find it now on... https://tisc-news.totallympics.com/ The link will be added to the Totallympics' home page too. Also, from now on you'll be able to register as Subsribers on TISC-News and post comments. Cheers!
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    This's way too much handling situation with Russia , like we're living in 100 % clean sports world and the only problem for this clean world come from Russia
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    The qualifiers have started. http://www.worldcurling.org/oqe2017 One match per round will be live streamed: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAKIdgLUYV-Z1DM0_W_Z_gA Seems like they really want Chinese viewers...
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    Wow, we are going to play quarterfinals good job girls.
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    Thanks, we will probably add some nation profiles over time.
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    Maybe you can add some statistic (each nation's best results and max/min points) PS: @dcro thanks for the "statistic" during the contests: are interesting and fun!!