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Men's American Football NFL 2023


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As a Raiders fans I can only say Derek Carr was like Kirk Cousins with even worse PR. After 9 seasons it was time for a change and I wonder how he does if he finds a team with a better defense. Panthers might be interested and NFC South in general looks like a perfect landing spot for him. Meanwhile Raiders defense remains an issue for 10+ years now. It was never ranked inside Top 20 once during Carr's tenure here. We have Maxx Crosby but the defensive backs are a sieve over & over again. Not good when you have Mahomes & Herbert in the division plus Sean Payton might somehow resurrect the Broncos offense next season. If Carr wasn't the answer we don't have it on our roster even with him gone either. Dark times ahead in the Black Hole and don't get me started on McDaniels as HC. He made his move at QB so let's see how much time that buys him...

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Ravens placed non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson so he might have played his last game in Baltimore. Let's see what he finds on the market but I doubt someone will give him 250m fully guaranteed what he wants...


Meanwhile Giants went haywire. 160 million to a guy who had 15 pass TD last season. No offense but Daboll might have to pull more rabbits out of his hat now...



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First round of 2023 draft happened last night. The big shock was Texans moving up to #3 so have two players drafted in the top three. They are not messing about. Lions must have missed what calendar year is it... Two Top 20 picks and they select running back & linebacker :lol:


Dolphins had their first round draft pick voided after the "tanking/tampering" scandal from 2019 season.




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International games in 2023


Falcons vs Jaguars, 1 October, London

Jaguars vs Bills, 8 October, London

Ravens vs Titans, 15 October, London

Dolphins vs Chiefs, 5 November, Frankfurt

Colts vs Patriots, 12 November, Frankfurt

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