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  1. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Interesting to see whether our team can qualify for the Final Six. They absolutely need a win against Turkey on Tuesday.
  2. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Italy played a great game. Egonu is unbelievably good, so are Italy's middleblockers Danesi and Chirichella. The Dutch team without coach Giovanni Guidetti has become a very weak team. The Dutch public and media love Celeste Plak, but the only thing she does is delivering bad passes, getting in the way everywhere in the field and spike out the most easy balls. It looks like she shut her eyes during the play. Besides Plak we have two bad libero's. So, as you can understand, I am very jealous of your team (De Gennaro is one of the best libero's in the world). Still I love players like Dijkema, Buijs, Belien and our talented new setter Bongaerts.
  3. The first Olympic Qualification Tournament is in January 2019. Unfortunately the FIVB made a wrong choice again. Only two (2) European teams can enter this competition. Regardless of the outcome of this years Nations League and World Championships the teams of Serbia and Russia will play this tournament. Only because of their World Cuppoints collected in September 2015!!!!! Without these World Cuppoints The Netherlands, Italy and Turkey would have a chance to participate instead of Russia. I already know that Serbia and Russia will have an extra chance for the Games of 2024, because of the points they will collect in January 2019. The other European countries won't have the chance to collect World Cuppoints. In summary: the FIVB world ranking sucks.
  4. Men's Volleyball CEV European League 2018

    Well, Slovenia didn't play with their best players. A good start for the Dutch team 3-1, especially very happy with Maarten van Garderen (4th place at the World Champs Beach Volleyball last year) in the team again. Wednesday against Turkey will be a great challenge for the team.
  5. In that case it would be fair if the World Cup 2015-points will be deleted. But then Russia will may be no longer in the top six, so the FIVB won't do that. World Championships results will be extremely important now.
  6. In women's we would have something like this today: A China Germany Puerto Rico Cuba B USA, Turkey, Belgium, Azerbeidzjan C Serbia Argentina Thailand Czech Republic D Brazil, Korea, Bulgaria, Poland E Russia Dominican Republic Cameroon Kazachstan F Italy Netherlands Croatia Canada The system is clear. Will these qualificationpools played before or after the Continental Championships?
  7. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Netherlands on top of the pool, but they already played against the weakest opponents in this competition. Hopefully the Dutch team can improve and will qualify for the Final Six.
  8. Judo EJU European Championships 2018

    Very weak performance for Dutch judo. In the past we won at least 5 medals at the Europeans, but this time only 2 bronze medals and 1 title. Why didn't they organise a mixed-teamevent in Tel Aviv?
  9. Netherlands National Thread

    Volgens mijn profiel sinds oktober 2016, maar in de praktijk sinds deze week Weinig Nederlandse Olympische fanatiekelingen?! Na terugkomst uit Pyeongchang is bij mij de focus volledig overgegaan op Tokyo 2020. Ben een intensief volger van alle Olympische sporten, al moet ik eerlijk bekennen nog niet thuis te zijn in karate, golfsurfen, schieten voor mix-teams en skateboarden ('Het lijkt de kermis wel'). Aangenaam
  10. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Seriously? Wow, we still have to wait a long time then.
  11. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Does anybody already has a detailed (time)schedule of Tokyo 2020?
  12. Netherlands National Thread

    Ondanks alle sportsuccessen van Nederland toch zo rustig op dit onderdeel van het forum!
  13. Netherlands!! It's a bit early, but we can improve our Rio-score (19): Archery: 1 medal (men’s team) Athletics: 2 medals (Schippers and Hassan) Badminton: - Basketball: - Boxing: - Canoeing slalom: - Canoeing sprint: - Cycling road: 2 medals (time trail men and women) Cycling track: 3 medals (men’s team sprint, keirin, women’s omnium) BMX: 1 medal Mountainbike: 2 medals (van der Poel and Tauber) Diving: - Equestrian: 1 medal (team dressage) Fencing: - Field hockey: 2 medals Football: - Golf: - Rhythmic gymnastics: - Trampoline: - Artistic gymnastics: 1 medal (Deurloo or Zonderland or S. Wevers or Thorsdottir) Handball: - Judo: 1 medal (Grol or Polling) Modern pentathlon: - Rowing: 3 medals (W4-, W4x, LW2-) Rugby: - Sailing: 4 medals (RSX men, RSX women, Finn, 470 women) Shooting: - Swimming: 2 medals (open water 1, pool 1) Synchronized swimming: - Table tennis: - Taekwondo: - Tennis: - Triathlon: - Volleyball: - Beach volleyball: - Water polo: - Weightlifting: - Wrestling: -
  14. Ah! I somewhere read that Israel was a representative of Africa. But if they played in the European qualification, it would really surprise me if Israel can play in the OQT for Africa. Thanks for this information!
  15. Israel will represent Africa. They are by far the best team in Africa, so Israel will play with the top 5 of Europe for 1 Olympic spot.