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  • Moroccan duo wins two slots at the 2024 Olympic breakdancing competition


    They’ve conquered Africa, next stop the Olympics.


    Morocco won gold in both the women and men’s categories of the inaugural African breakdancing championships in Rabat on Saturday, securing the country two spots at the 2024 Paris Olympics.


    The men’s final pitted fellow Moroccans, B-Boys Billy and Tawfiq against each other, with Bilal Mallakhaka going on to win.

    "Today I won the African breakdance championship which leads me to represent Africa at the Olympic Games in Paris. I will work hard for a better representation of Africa," said B-Boy Billy.


    In the women’s section, Fatima Zahra El Mamouny, known as B-Girl Elmamouny, got the better of South African Midian Leah to win the title.


    "This is an historical moment, a huge milestone for the WDSF Breaking, the first continental championship in Africa,” said World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) Secretary General, Sergei Nifontov.


    “This year, because it is a pre-Olympic year and due to our system of qualification, two quarter places will be given to Paris through this qualification," he said.


    Breakdance is one of the four new disciplines to be included in the Olympic Games in 2024, along with climbing, surfing, and skateboarding.


    Also known as "breaking", this style of urban dance developed in New York in the 1970s and is now practised globally.




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