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Ireland National Thread | An Bóthar go Tóiceo 2020

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Welcome to the Ireland National Thread. May the road rise to meet you :)







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Population: 4.6 million


Capital City: Dublin


Timezone: GMT


Currency: Euro €


Languages: Irish (Gaeilge), English


Parliament Name: Dáil


Taoiseach (Prime Minister): Leo Varadkar


Uachtarán (President): Michael D. Higgins


National Day: St.Patrick's Day (March 17th)


Olympic Council: Formed in 1920


President of NOC: Sarah Keane




 National Anthem of Ireland: Amhrán na bhFiann 




 Ireland's Call* -  Sports Anthem 

*Used in team sports such as hockey, rugby and cricket where there is a unified team representing the island of Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland)





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Irish in the World Rankings by Sport



coming soon



Archery.png.169de21c4ce43caa34ed0d9449d0 Archery Archery.png.169de21c4ce43caa34ed0d9449d0



Archery: Ranking Update 13 October 2019


Men's Individual Recurve

Rank  Athlete Score
638  Keith Hanlon 3.000
299  Adam Taylor 11.200
479  Daniel Malone 4.750
479  Fiachra Verjans MacDermot 4.750
487  Garrett Byrne 4.500
487  Maxwell O'Keeffe 4.500
-  Richard Birkby 0.000



Men's Team Recurve

Rank  Athlete Score
44  Ireland 32.400



Women's Individual Recurve

Rank  Athlete Score
197  Maeve Reidy 19.150
259  Ciara Dunne 13.000
275  Sarah Moloney 11.500
326  Roisin Mooney 8.850



Women's Team Recurve

Rank  Athlete Score
68  Ireland 0.000





Men's Individual Compound

Rank  Athlete Score
182  Mark Sharvin 16.850
184  Daniel Foley 16.700
374  Eamon Rogers MacRuaidhri 4.250



Men's Team Compound

Rank  Athlete Score
69  Ireland 0.000



Women's Individual Compound

Rank  Athlete Score
124  Saffron Cullen 25.250
224  Niamh Merry 9.000



Women's Team Compound

Rank  Athlete Score
-  Ireland -




Athletics.png.64c02e13db0173f642877a59ca Athletics Athletics.png.64c02e13db0173f642877a59ca





Badminton.png.5f8898466c7f08b0af45726196Badminton Badminton.png.5f8898466c7f08b0af45726196



Badminton: Ranking Update 07 October 2019


Men's Singles

Rank  Athlete Score
77  Nhat Nguyen 22788
178  Joshua Magee 9453
263  Jonathan Dolan 5370
316  David Walsh 3760
677  Mark Brady 930



Women's Singles


Rank  Athlete Score
224  Rachael Darragh 6177
271  Sara Boyle 4578
353  Kate Frost 2687
551  Moya Ryan 1230



Men's Doubles

Rank  Athlete Score
79  Joshua Magee / Paul Reynolds 17848
401  Jack O'Brien / Callum Thomas 2200
452  Declan Bennett / Tony Crowley 1900
992  Jonathan Dolan / David Walsh 900



Women's Doubles

Rank  Athlete Score
176  Sara Boyle / Rachel Darragh 5858
260  Kate Frost / Moya Ryan 3660
548  Rachael Woods / Rebecca Woods 1370
895  Orla Flynn / Alexandra Troy 550



Mixed Doubles

Rank  Athlete Score
30  Sam Magee / Chloe Magee 36563
160  Paul Reynolds / Rachel Darragh 7720
792  Mark Brady / Moya Ryan 1100



World Team Ranking

Rank  Athlete Score
22  Ireland 2500





Basketball.png.f6be594fbe8e3d7562ef12748Basketball Basketball.png.f6be594fbe8e3d7562ef12748



Basketball: Ranking Update 16 September 2019


Men's Ranking

Rank  Athlete Score
101  Ireland 92.2



Women's Ranking

Rank  Athlete Score
-  Ireland -




56d6e75802abe_BeachVolleyball.png.9be989Beach Volleyball 56d6e75802abe_BeachVolleyball.png.9be989



Beach Volleyball: Ranking Update 07 October 2019


Men's Ranking

Rank  Athlete Score
585  McArdle / Gibbons 96
585  O'Regan / Kaczmarek 96



Women's Ranking

Rank  Athlete Score
562  Carey / Graves 84
562  Gormally / Sabogal 84
562  Graves / Gormally 84
618  Roantree / Halpin 72
618  Sabogal / Lamont 72
672  Frazell / Lynch 60




Boxing.png.89321dcc2a7da65916dfa46b73102Boxing Boxing.png.89321dcc2a7da65916dfa46b73102





56d6e77cc5f1f_Canoeing-Slalom.png.d0dc08 Canoe Slalom 56d6e77cc5f1f_Canoeing-Slalom.png.d0dc08





56d6e792d7ebf_Canoeing-Sprint.png.2d8080 Canoe Sprint 56d6e792d7ebf_Canoeing-Sprint.png.2d8080





56d6e79d1ef3b_Cycling-BMX.png.cc001342e3 Cycling BMX 56d6e79d1ef3b_Cycling-BMX.png.cc001342e3





56d6e7b342c01_Cycling-MountainBike.png.7 Cycling Mountain Bike 56d6e7b342c01_Cycling-MountainBike.png.7





56d6e7bcc1dbf_Cycling-Road.png.6279f8b46 Cycling Road 56d6e7bcc1dbf_Cycling-Road.png.6279f8b46





56d6e7cdb1d92_Cycling-Track.png.be961469 Cycling Track 56d6e7cdb1d92_Cycling-Track.png.be961469





Diving.png.9a5e9df6c8ed2c7caac1e5f896ce4Diving Diving.png.9a5e9df6c8ed2c7caac1e5f896ce4





Equestrian.png.70b5c1762722e6b8a9e5830f0Equestrian Equestrian.png.70b5c1762722e6b8a9e5830f0





Fencing.png.5d7441ac3d210778490c685f3622Fencing Fencing.png.5d7441ac3d210778490c685f3622





56d6e80648456_FieldHockey.png.5711052745Field Hockey 56d6e80648456_FieldHockey.png.5711052745





Football.png.005b2733c41470e8142817880d4Football Football.png.005b2733c41470e8142817880d4





Golf.png.078fc873cccd87b9a16f8335766a89dGolf Golf.png.078fc873cccd87b9a16f8335766a89d





56d6e8e1d706d_Gymnastics-Artistic.png.d5Gymnastics Artistic 56d6e8e1d706d_Gymnastics-Artistic.png.d5





56d6e8ef36821_Gymnastics-Rhythmic.png.d9Gymnastics Rhythmic 56d6e8ef36821_Gymnastics-Rhythmic.png.d9





56d6e8f9b8b98_Gymnasitcs-Trampoline.png.Gymnastics Trampoline 56d6e8f9b8b98_Gymnasitcs-Trampoline.png.





Handball.png.92891d0c42567d38ac7170d70e9Handball Handball.png.92891d0c42567d38ac7170d70e9





Judo.png.9ef8dd99170a87a88b9729c71d3889aJudo Judo.png.9ef8dd99170a87a88b9729c71d3889a





56d6e93b245ac_ModernPentathlon.png.fcdbcModern Pentathlon 56d6e93b245ac_ModernPentathlon.png.fcdbc





Rowing.png.6855a17d9f761651128f31787ac35Rowing Rowing.png.6855a17d9f761651128f31787ac35





56d6e9667bea7_RugbySevens.png.0250e46469Rugby Sevens 56d6e9667bea7_RugbySevens.png.0250e46469





Sailing.png.bc959b01afce295f79f17aed026fSailing Sailing.png.bc959b01afce295f79f17aed026f





Shooting.png.955ea1fe16ac4d0a2534563686dShooting Shooting.png.955ea1fe16ac4d0a2534563686d





Swimming.png.0eda23a280caf02781609dc6339Swimming Swimming.png.0eda23a280caf02781609dc6339





56d6e9b7c1d4c_SynchronizedSwimming.png.aSynchronised Swimming 56d6e9b7c1d4c_SynchronizedSwimming.png.a





56d6e9c7d9066_TableTennis.png.6ea048886cTable Tennis 56d6e9c7d9066_TableTennis.png.6ea048886c





Taekwondo.png.6d186c495c5f78751e1b986ef2Taekwondo Taekwondo.png.6d186c495c5f78751e1b986ef2





Tennis.png.522cd786b602358bc7c7d5680a302Tennis Tennis.png.522cd786b602358bc7c7d5680a302





Triathlon.png.e6c2b7a31b969abc02bdd7f666Triathlon Triathlon.png.e6c2b7a31b969abc02bdd7f666





Volleyball.png.363559da21996d1e75a2ef8edVolleyball Volleyball.png.363559da21996d1e75a2ef8ed




Vollyball: Ranking Update 29 September 2019


Men's Ranking

Rank  Athlete Score
-  Ireland -



Women's Ranking

Rank  Athlete Score
96  Ireland 5





56d6ea0056b15_WaterPolo.png.79e82c976bebWater Polo 56d6ea0056b15_WaterPolo.png.79e82c976beb





Weightlifting.png.e12ee07f278004e3f8034aWeightlifting Weightlifting.png.e12ee07f278004e3f8034a





Wrestling.png.8e1e8af80a2312f7b45acb5ba2Wrestling Wrestling.png.8e1e8af80a2312f7b45acb5ba2



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Irish Records by Sport




Athletics.png.64c02e13db0173f642877a59ca Athletics Athletics.png.64c02e13db0173f642877a59ca


Men's Senior Outdoor Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


100m  Paul Hession 10.18 secs

Vaala, Finland

200m  Paul Hession 20.30 secs Santry, Ireland 2007
300m  Paul Hession 32.47 secs Ostrava, Czech Republic 2008
400m  David Gillick 44.77 secs Madrid, Spain 2009
600m  Mark English 1:15.71 mins Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015
800m  David Matthews 1:44.82 mins Rieti, Italy 1995
1000m  David Matthews 2:17.58 mins Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herz. 1996
1500m  Ray Flynn 3:33.5 mins Oslo, Norway 1982
Mile  Ray Flynn 3:49.77 mins Oslo, Norway 1982
2000m  Marcus O'Sullivan 4:55.06 mins Nice, France 1996
3000m  Mark Carroll 7:30.36 mins Monte Carlo, Monaco 1999
5000m  Alistair Cragg 13:03.53 mins Brussels, Belgium 2011
10000m  Alistair Cragg 27:39.55 mins Palo Alto, USA 2007
Marathon  John Treacy 2:09:15 hrs Boston, USA 1988
110m Hurdles  Peter Coghlan 13.30 secs Hechtel, Belgium 1999
400m Hurdles  Thomas Barr 47.97 secs Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016
3000m Steeple  Brendan Quinn 8:24.09 mins Brussels, Belgium 1985
High Jump  Adrian O'Dwyer 2.30m Algiers, Algeria 2004
Long Jump  Ciaran McDonagh 8.07m La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland 2005
Triple Jump  Colm Cronin 15.89m Copenhagen, Denmark 1977
Pole Vault  Brian McGovern 5.36m Tempe, USA 2013
Shot Put  Paul Quirke 20.04m New York, USA 1992
Discus Throw  Nick Sweeney 67.89m Helsingborg, Sweden 1998
Hammer Throw  Declan Hegarty 77.80m Walnut, USA 1985
Javelin Throw  Terry McHugh 82.75m London, England 2000
4x100m  Ireland (John McAdorey, Gary Ryan, Tom Comyns, Paul Brizzel) 39.26 secs Sydney, Australia 2000
4x400m  Ireland (Brian Gregan, Brian Murphy, Thomas Barr, Mark English) 3:01.26 mins Beijing, China 2015
3000m Walk  Robert Heffernan 11:11.94 mins Cork, Ireland 2013
5000m Walk  Robert Heffernan 18:59.37 mins Barcelona, Spain 2007
10000m Walk  Robert Heffernan 38:27.57 mins Santry, Ireland 2008
10km Walk  Robert Heffernan 39:15 mins La Coruna, Spain 2011
20000m Walk  Bobby O'Leary 1:23:51 hrs Santry, Ireland 1991
20km Walk  Robert Heffernan 1:19:22 hrs Cheboksary, Russia 2008
30km Walk  Robert Heffernan 2:07:48 hrs Cork, Ireland 2011
50km Walk  Robert Heffernan 3:37:54 hrs London, England 2012
Decathlon  Carlos O'Connell 7882 pts Emmitsburg, USA 1988





Men's u23 Outdoor Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


100m  Marcus Lawler 10.30 secs

Regensburg, Germany

200m  Steven Colvert 20.57 secs Velenje, Slovenia 2012
400m  Derek O'Connor 45.73 secs Indianapolis, USA 1986
800m  David Matthews 1:44.82 mins Rieti, Italy 1995
1000m  David Matthews 2:17.58 mins Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herz. 1996
1500m  Paul Robinson 3:35.52 mins Rieti, Italy 2013
Mile  Gerry O'Reilly 3:54.63 mins Villanova, USA 1986
3000m  John Treacy 7:47.93 mins Lausanne, Switzerland 1979
5000m  John Treacy 13:26.50 mins Brussels, Belgium 1978
10000m  John Treacy 27:55.20 mins Philadelphia, USA 1978
Marathon  Neil Cusack 2:16:18 hrs Atlanta, USA 1971
110m Hurdles  Ben Reynolds 13.81 secs Oordegem, Belgium 2012
400m Hurdles  Thomas Barr 48.90 secs Geneva, Switzerland 2014
3000m Steeple  Kieran Stack 8:29.60 mins Austin, USA 1985
High Jump  Adrian O'Dwyer 2.30m Algiers, Algeria 2004
Long Jump  Ciaran McDonagh 7.86m Lisbon, Portugal 1996
Triple Jump  Colm Cronin 15.89m Copenhagen, Denmark 1977
Pole Vault  Brian McGovern 5.06m Lawrenceville, USA 2012
Shot Put  Paul Quirke 19.93m Tullamore, USA 1992
Discus Throw  Joe Brice 57.36m Hanover, USA 1980
Hammer Throw  Conor McCullough 75.09m Luzern, Switzerland 2012
Javelin Throw  Terry McHugh 75.04m Namur, Belgium 1985
4x100m  Ireland (Keith Pike, Jonathan Browning, Eanna Madden, Marcus Lawler) 40.18 secs Crete, Greece 2015
4x400m  Ireland (Paul Opperman, Paul McKee, Darren Hough, Brian Liddy) 3:07.04 mins Gothenburg, Sweden 1999
3000m Walk  Robert Heffernan 11:27.06 mins Tullamore, Ireland 2000
10000m Walk  Robert Heffernan 40:16.68 mins Tullamore, Ireland 2000
20km Walk  Robert Heffernan 1:22:43 hrs Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany 2000
Decathlon  Barry Walsh 7472 pts Villanova, USA 1989





Men's Junior Outdoor Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


100m  Marcus Lawler 10.38 secs

Santry, Ireland

200m  Marcus Lawler 20.87 secs Tullamore, Ireland 2013
400m  Christopher O'Donnell 46.54 secs Grosseto, Italy 2017
800m  Mark English 1:45.77 mins Oordegem, Belgium 2012
1500m  Ray Flynn 3:42.66 mins Knoxville, USA 1976
Mile  Paul Robinson 4:00.93 mins Joensuu, Finland 2010
3000m  Mark Christie 8:04.48 mins Santry, Ireland 2004
5000m  Kevin Mulcaire 14:02.30 mins Stretford, England 2015
10000m  Frank Greally 30:17.00 mins Santry, Ireland 1970
110m Hurdles  Matthew Behan 13.99 secs Cork, Ireland 2015
400m Hurdles  Thomas Barr 50.06 secs Santry, Ireland 2011
2000m Steeple  Kieran Stack 5:42.97 mins Tullamore, Ireland 1982
3000m Steeple  Brendan Quinn 8:42.50 mins Champaign, USA 1979
High Jump  Antoine Burke 2.21m Mardyke, Ireland 1994
Long Jump  Ciaran McDonagh 7.73m Nyíegyháza, Hungary 1995
Triple Jump  Colm Cronin 15.56m Rieti, Italy 1976
Pole Vault

 Anthony McCreary

 Sean Roth


Santry, Ireland

Leverkusen, Germany



Shot Put (6kg)  John Kelly 18.61m Letterkenny, Ireland 2015
Shot Put  Victor Costello 16.58m Sudbury, Canada 1988
Discus Throw  Colin Quirke 56.79m Norman, USA 2009
Hammer Throw (6kg)  Owen Russell 71.20m Santry, Ireland 2016
Hammer Throw  Gary Halpin 64.57m Austin, USA 1985
Javelin Throw  Terry McHugh 71.30m Belfield, Ireland 1982
4x100m  Ireland (Keith Pike, Dean Power, Kieran Elliot, Marcus Lawler) 40.60 secs Rieti, Italy 2013
4x400m  Ireland (Curtis Wood, Billy Ryan, Jason Harvey, Brian Gregan) 3:10.17 mins Bydgoszcz, Poland 2008
3000m Walk  Colin Griffin 12:15.69 mins Tullamore, Ireland 2000
10000m Walk  Colin Griffin 42:47.46 mins Castleisland, Ireland 2000
10km Walk  Colin Griffin 42:49 mins Leamington, England 2001
20km Walk  Colin Griffin 1:28:22 hrs Isle of Man 2001
Decathlon  Barry Walsh 7336 pts Birmingham, England 1987





Men's Youth Outdoor Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


100m  Marcus Lawler 10.72 secs

Tullamore, Ireland

200m  Marcus Lawler 21.42 secs Morton Stadium, Ireland 2013
400m  Curtis Woods 47.27 secs Pune, India 2008
800m  Kevin McGrath 1:48.89 mins Santry, Ireland 2016
1000m  Shane Fitzsimons 2:24.39 mins Irishtown, Ireland 2012
1500m  Kevin McGrath 3:46.14 mins Leixlip, Ireland 2016
3000m  John Treacy 8:20.40 mins Edinburgh, Scotland 1974
110m H (91cm)  Alex Clarkin 13.96 secs Tbilisi, Georgia 2016
400m H (84cm)  Ben Kiely 50.06 secs Trabzon, Turkey 2011
2000m Steeple  Liam Reale 5:50.41 mins Bydgoszcz, Poland 1999
High Jump  Antoine Burke 2.13m Seoul, South Korea 1992
Long Jump  Ciaran McDonagh 7.55m Tullamore, Ireland 1993
Triple Jump  Niall McCarthy 14.22m Cwmbran, Wales 1978
Pole Vault

 Anthony McCreary


Morton Stadium, Ireland


Shot Put (5kg)  Colin Quirke 19.33m Ostrava, Czech Republic 2007
Discus (1.5kg)  Eoin Sheridan 56.38m Morton Stadium, Ireland 2014
Hammer (5kg)  Tony Kenneally 73.18m Athlone, Ireland 1981
Javelin (700g)  Ben Houghton 67.22m - 1997
4x100m  Ireland (Ben Kiely, Greg O'Shea, Karl Griffin, Marcus Lawler) 42.67 secs Trabzon, Turkey 2011
10000m Walk  Colin Griffin 45:17.66 mins Dublin, Ireland 1999
Octathlon  Christian Robinson 5291 pts Tullamore, Ireland 2013
Decathlon  Daniel Ryan 6752 pts Tbilisi, Georgia 2016





Women's Senior Outdoor Records


 Record set within the last 12 months
   World Record



 Amy Foster

 Ailis McSweeney

11.40 secs

Clermont, USA

Liege, Belgium



200m  Sarah Reilly 23.02 secs Edmonton, Canada 2001
300m  Karen Shinkins 37.07 secs Brasschaat, Belgium 2001
400m  Joanne Cuddihy 50.73 secs Osaka, Japan 2013
800m  Rose-Anne Galligan 2:00.58 mins London, England 2013
1000m  Sonia O'Sullivan 2:34.66 mins Lille, France 1993
1500m  Sonia O'Sullivan 3:58.85 mins Monte Carlo, Monaco 1995
Mile  Sonia O'Sullivan 4:17.26 mins Oslo, Norway 1994
2000m  Sonia O'Sullivan 5:25.36 mins Edinburgh, Scotland 1994
3000m  Sonia O'Sullivan 8:21.64 mins London, England 1999
5000m  Sonia O'Sullivan 14:41.02 mins Sydney, Australia 2000
10000m  Sonia O'Sullivan 30:47.69 mins Munich, Germany 2002
Marathon  Catherina McKiernan 2:22:23 hrs Amsterdam, Netherlands 1998
100m Hurdles  Derval O'Rourke 12.65 secs Barcelona, Spain 2010
400m Hurdles  Susan Smith 54.31 secs Zurich, Switzerland 1998
3000m Steeple  Róisín McGettigan 9:28.29 mins Heusden, Netherlands 2007
High Jump  Deirdre Ryan 1.95m Daegu, Korea 2011
Long Jump  Kelly Proper 6.60m Brussels, Belgium 2010
Triple Jump  Taneisha Scanlon 13.62m Bratislava, Slovakia 2005
Pole Vault  Tori Pena 4.60m Chula Vista, USA 2013
Shot Put  Marita Walton 20.04m Palo Alto, USA 1983
Discus Throw  Patricia Walsh 57.60m Santry, Ireland 1984
Hammer Throw  Eileen O'Keefe 73.21m Santry, Ireland 2007
Javelin Throw  Anita Fitzgibbon 54.92m London, England 2013
4x100m  Ireland (Amy Foster, Niamh Whelan, Clare Brady, Ailis McSweeney) 43.93 secs Barcelona, Spain 2010
4x400m  Ireland (Marian Andrews-Heffernan, Joanne Cuddihy, Claire Bergin, Michelle Carey) 3:27.48 mins Daegu, Korea 2011
3000m Walk  Kate Veale 12:18.86 mins Tullamore, Ireland 2011
5000m Walk  Gillian O'Sullivan 20:02.60 mins Santry, Ireland 2002
10000m Walk  Gillian O'Sullivan 45:28.75 mins San Sebastian, Spain 1998
10km Walk  Olive Loughnane 43:22 mins Saransk, Russia 2009
20km Walk  Gillian O'Sullivan 1:27:22 hrs Sesto San Giovanni, Italy 2003
Heptathlon  Elizabeth Morland 5801 pts Grosseto, Italy 2017





Men's Indoor Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


60m  Paul Hession 6.61 secs

Birmingham, England

100m  Paul Hession 10.36 secs Tampere, Finland 2008
200m  Paul Brizzel 20.75 secs Birmingham, England 2003
300m  Robert Daly 34.28 secs Cardiff, Wales 2003
400m  David Gillick 45.52 secs

Birmingham, England

Birmingham, England



800m  Mark English 1:46.82 mins Athlone, Ireland 2014
1000m  Marcus O'Sullivan 2:20.2 mins New York, USA 1985
1500m  Marcus O'Sullivan 3:35.4 mins East Rutherford, USA 1988
Mile  Eamonn Coghlan 3:49.78 mins East Rutherford, USA 1983
2000m  Eamonn Coghlan 4:54.07 mins Inglewood, USA 1987
3000m  Alistair Cragg 7:38.59 mins Fayetteville, USA 2004
5000m  Alistair Cragg 13:28.93 mins Fayetteville, USA 2003
50m Hurdles  Peter Coghlan 6.56 secs Sindelfingen, Germany 2001
55m Hurdles  Peter Coghlan 7.21 secs Ithaca, New York 1998
60m Hurdles  Peter Coghlan 7.57 secs Blacksburg, USA 1999
High Jump

 Adrian O'Dwyer

 Brendan Reilly


Budapest, Hungary

Reykjavik, Iceland




Long Jump  Ciaran McDonagh 8.00m Blacksburg, USA 2006
Triple Jump  Colm Cronin 16.27m Detroit, USA 1978
Pole Vault  Brian McGovern 5.22m New York, USA 2012
Shot Put  Paul Quirke 18.07m New York, USA 1991
4x400m  Ireland (Rob Daly, Gary Ryan, David Gillick, David McCarthy) 3:08.83 mins Budapest, Hungary 2004
3000m Walk  Robert Heffernan 11:10.02 mins Cardiff, Wales 2002
5000m Walk  Alex Wright 18:50.70 mins Dublin, Ireland 2017
Heptathlon  Joseph Naughton 5560 pts Tallinn, Estonia 2002





Women's Indoor Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


50m  Ailis McSweeney 6.44 secs

Lieven, France

55m  Aoife Hearne 7.09 secs Providence, USA 1999

 Anna Boyle

 Ciara Neville

 Amy Foster

7.30 secs

Birmingham, England

Athlone, Ireland

London, England




100m  Anna Boyle 12.02 secs Bath, England 2006
200m  Ciara Sheehy 23.17 secs

Birmingham, England


400m  Karen Shinkins 51.58 mins Blacksburg, USA 2002
800m  Ciara Everard 2:02.54 mins Athlone, Ireland 2013
1500m  Ciara Mageean 4:08.66 mins Karlsruhe, Germany 2016
Mile  Roisin McGettigan 4:30.05 mins Boston, USA 2009
2000m  Monica Joyce 5:56.32 mins Los Angeles, USA 1985
3000m  Mary Cullen 8:43.74 mins Boston, USA 2009
5000m  Sonia O'Sullivan 15:17.28 mins Boston, USA 2001
50m Hurdles  Derval O'Rourke 6.80 secs Lieven, France 2006
60m Hurdles  Derval O'Rourke 7.84 secs Moscow, Russia 2006
High Jump

 Deirdre Ryan


Leverkusen, Germany


Long Jump  Kelly Proper 6.59m Turin, Italy 2009
Triple Jump  Taneisha Scanlon 13.28m Sheffield, England 2005
Pole Vault  Tori Pena 4.45m Reno, USA 2012
Shot Put  Marita Walton 17.06m New York, USA 1982
4x400m  Ireland (Karen Shinkins, Ciara Sheehy, Michelle Carey, Joanne Cuddihy) 3:34.61 mins Budapest, Hungary 2004
3000m Walk  Gillian O'Sullivan 11:35:34 mins Belfast, Northern Ireland 2003
Pentathlon  Kate O'Connor 4150 pts Tallinn, Estonia 2018





56d6e7cdb1d92_Cycling-Track.png.be961469 Cycling Track 56d6e7cdb1d92_Cycling-Track.png.be961469


Men's National Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


200m Flying Start  Eoin Mullen 9.834 secs


500m Flying Start  Kieran Leahy 28.409 secs - 2007
1km Time Trial  Eoin Mullen 1:03.473 mins - 2015
4km Time Trial  Martyn Irvine 4:20.260 mins - 2013
1 hour race  Greg Swinand 46.860 km - 2016
Team Time Trial  Ireland (Mark Downey, Felix English, Martyn Irvine, Fintan Ryan) 4:11.539 mins - 2015





Women's National Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


200m Flying Start  Robyn Stewart 10.994 secs


500m Time Trial  Robyn Stewart 36.290 secs


3km Time Trial  Caroline Ryan 3:34.257 mins - 2013
4km Time Trial  Cycling Ireland Standard 4:40.000 mins - -
3km Team Pursuit  Ireland (Jennifer O'Reilly, Caroline Ryan, Ciara Horne) 3:30.375 mins - 2011
4km Team Pursuit  Ireland (Caroline Ryan, Lydia Boylan, Melanie Spath, Josie Knight) 4:31.666 mins - 2015
Team Sprint  Ireland (Robyn Stewart, Eimear Moran) 35.884 secs








Rowing.png.6855a17d9f761651128f31787ac35Rowing Rowing.png.6855a17d9f761651128f31787ac35



Men's Indoor Rowing Machine Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


Lightweight 2000m  Paul O'Donovan 6:07.4 mins


Heavyweight 2000m  Sam McKeown 5:50.0 mins






Women's Indoor Rowing Machine Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


Lightweight 2000m  Claire Lambe 7:12.6 mins


Heavyweight 2000m  Sanita Puspure 6:36.7 mins









Swimming.png.0eda23a280caf02781609dc6339Swimming Swimming.png.0eda23a280caf02781609dc6339


Men's Long Course Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


50m Free  Barry Murphy 22.14 secs

Rome, Italy

100m Free  Jordan Sloan 49.44 secs Dublin, Ireland 2017
200m Free  Jordan Sloan 1:47.41 mins Dublin, Ireland 2017
400m Free  Andrew Meegan 3:54.11 mins Kazan, Russia 2013
800m Free  Andrew Meegan 8:07.37 mins Irvine, USA 2013
1500m Free  Andrew Meegan 15:19.98 mins Irvine, USA 2013
50m Back  Shane Ryan 24.72 secs Taipei, Taiwan 2017
100m Back  Shane Ryan 53.85 secs Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016
200m Back  Conor Ferguson 1:58.80 mins Dublin, Ireland 2017
50m Breast  Barry Murphy 27.26 secs Rome, Italy 2009
100m Breast  Alex Murphy 1:00.58 mins Kranj, Slovenia 2017
200m Breast  Andrew Bree 2:10.16 mins Beijing, China 2008
50m Butterfly  Barry Murphy 23.65 secs Barcelona, Spain 2013
100m Butterfly  Brendan Hyland 53.26 secs Dublin, Ireland 2017
200m Butterfly  Brendan Hyland 1:58.08 mins Dublin, Ireland 2017
200m Medley  James Brown 2:02.90 mins Dublin, Ireland 2017
400m Medley  Brendan Hyland 4:27.45 mins Dublin, Ireland 2013
4x100m Free  Ireland (Shane Ryan, Calum Bain, David Prendergast, Jordan Sloan) 3:19.39 mins Taipei, Taiwan 2017
4x200m Free  Ireland (K Turner, S Cullen, W Johnson, G O'Toole) 7:38.45 mins Dublin, Ireland 1989
4x100m Medley  Ireland (Shane Ryan, Nicholas Quinn, Brendan Hyland, Jordan Sloan) 3.36.61 mins Budapest, Hungary 2017





Women's Long Course Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


50m Free  Danielle Hill 25.85 secs

Kranj, Slovenia

100m Free  Sycerika McMahon 56.19 secs Barcelona, Spain 2013
200m Free  Michelle Smith 1.59.93 mins Seville, Spain 1997
400m Free  Michelle Smith 4.07.25 mins Atlanta, USA 1996
800m Free  Grainne Murphy 8.25.04 mins Budapest, Hungary 2010
1500m Free  Grainne Murphy 16.02.29 mins Budapest, Hungary 2010
50m Back  Danielle Hill 28.72 secs

Bangor, Northern Ireland

100m Back  Aisling Cooney 1.01.76 mins Dublin, Ireland 2011
200m Back  Melanie Nocher 2.10.75 secs Debrecen, Hungary 2012
50m Breast  Mona McSharry 30.91 secs Netanya, Israel 2017
100m Breast  Mona McSharry 1.07.10 mins Indianapolis, USA 2017
200m Breast  Mona McSharry 2.27.44 mins Netanya, Israel 2017
50m Butterfly  Shauna O'Brien 26.99 secs Bangor, Northern Ireland 2016
100m Butterfly  Shauna O'Brien 1.00.21 mins Dublin, Ireland 2015
200m Butterfly  Michelle Smith 2.09.91 mins Atlanta, USA 1996
200m Medley  Grainne Murphy 2.13.64 mins Rome, Italy 2009
400m Medley  Michelle Smith 4.39.18 mins Atlanta, USA 1996
4x100m Free  Ireland (Fiona Doyle, Clare Dawson, Niamh O'Sullivan, Melanie Nocher) 3.47.21 mins Rome, Italy 2009
4x200m Free  Ireland (Sycerika McMahon, Melanie Nocher, Clare Dawson, Grainne Murphy) 8.07.66 mins Shanghai, China 2011
4x100m Medley  Ireland (Aisling Cooney, Fiona Doyle, Grainne Murphy, Clare Dawson) 4.12.67 mins Rome, Italy 2009





Men's Short Course Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


50m Free  Barry Murphy 21.53 secs

Rijeka, Croatia

100m Free  Jordan Sloan 47.84 secs

Copenhagen, Denmark

200m Free  Jordan Sloan 1:43.26 mins

Copenhagen, Denmark

400m Free  Jordan Sloan 3:43.21 mins

Copenhagen, Denmark

800m Free  Andrew Meegan 7:59.92 mins Lisburn, Northern Ireland 2013
1500m Free  Andrew Meegan 15:00.88 mins Herning, Denmark 2013
50m Back  Conor Ferguson 23.84 secs

Copenhagen, Denmark

100m Back  Conor Ferguson 52.40 secs Amsterdam, Netherlands 2017
200m Back  Conor Ferguson 1:54.30 mins Sheffield, England 2016
50m Breast  Alex Murphy 26.35 secs Netanya, Israel 2015
100m Breast  Alex Murphy 57.69 secs

Copenhagen, Denmark

200m Breast  Andrew Bree 2:07.95 mins - 2007
50m Butterfly  Barry Murphy 23.38 secs Eindhoven, Netherlands 2013
100m Butterfly  Conor Brines 52.08 secs Bangor, Northern Ireland 2016
200m Butterfly  Brendan Hyland 1:56.87 mins Dubln, Ireland 2017
100m Medley  James Brown 54.88 secs Bangor, Northern Ireland 2016
200m Medley  Andrew Bree 1:58.42 mins Dublin, Ireland 2003
400m Medley  Andrew Bree 4:16.26 mins Antwerp, Belgium 2001
4x50m Free  Ireland (Conor Leaney, Steven McQuillan, Donal O'Neill, Michael Dawson) 1:30.26 mins Istanbul, Turkey 2009
4x100m Free  Ireland (N O'Hare, A O'Connor, M Battelle, G O'Toole) 3:24.66 mins - 1994
4x200m Free  Ireland (M Battelle, G O'Toole, E McCarthy, K Turner) 7:27.78 mins - 1992
4x50m Medley  Ireland (Jordan Sloan, Alex Murphy, Conor Brines, Calum Bain) 1:35.63 mins Copenhagen, Denmark 2017
4x100m Medley  Ireland (A O'Connor, G O'Toole, G Walker, M Battelle) 3:45.66 mins - 1991





Women's Short Course Records


 Record set within the last 12 months


50m Free  Danielle Hill 25.49 secs

Copenhagen, Denmark

100m Free  Michelle Smith 54.87 secs


200m Free  Melanie Nocher 1:57.29 mins

Sheffield, England

400m Free  Grainne Murphy 4:02.86 mins Eindhoven, Netherlands 2010
800m Free  Grainne Murphy 8:18.03 mins Atlanta, USA 2011
1500m Free  Antoinette Neamt 16:32.73 mins Lisburn, Northern Ireland 2014
50m Back  Aisling Cooney 27.87 secs Eindhoven, Netherlands 2010
100m Back  Melanie Nocher 59.30 secs Szczecin, Poland 2011
200m Back  Melanie Nocher 2:04.29 mins Szczecin, Poland 2011
50m Breast  Mona McSharry 30.19 secs Amsterdam, Netherlands 2017
100m Breast  Mona McSharry 1:05.01 mins

Copenhagen, Denmark

200m Breast  Fiona Doyle 2:23.64 mins Victoria, Canada 2015
50m Butterfly  Emma Reid 26.68 secs Bangor, Northern Ireland 2015
100m Butterfly  Shauna O'Brien 59.10 secs Manchester, England 2015
200m Butterfly  Michelle Smith 2:07.04 mins - 1997
100m Medley  Sycerika McMahon 1:01.12 mins Chartres, France 2012
200m Medley  Niamh Kilgallen 2:11.13 mins Lisburn, Northern Ireland 2017
400m Medley  Michelle Smith 4:36.84 mins Paris, France 1994
4x50m Free  Ireland (Fiona Doyle, Aisling Cooney, Clare Dawson, Melanie Nocher) 1:42.31 mins Rijeka, Croatia 2008
4x100m Free  Ireland (S Freeman, S Doyle, S Farrelly, M Madine) 3:54.72 mins - 1991
4x200m Free  Ireland (C Redmond, C Dorian, S Farrelly, N Campbell) 8:25.94 mins - 1991
4x50m Medley  Ireland (L Kelleher, E Robinson, J Douglas, C Gibney) 1:53.95 mins Dublin, Ireland 2003
4x100m Medley  Ireland (N O'Connor, S Brown, M Madine, S Farrelly) 4:15.90 mins - 1992







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2020 Vision


A new Olympic cycle is upon us and as we embark upon the trail to Tokyo 2020, I am going to begin a new project entitled "2020 Vision". This project will follow the trials and tribulations of 20 young Irish athletes throughout this Olympic cycle as we follow their progress towards realising their Olympic dream. The athletes will be aged 20 years or younger and will range from a variety of different sports. Some have already had a tilt at Olympic qualification, others will be embarking on their Olympic quests for the first time.


So without further ado, let's meet our 2020 team of hopefuls.



1. Rhys McClenaghan (Artistic Gymnastics)

2. Jack Woolley (Taekwondo)

3. Conor Ferguson (Swimming)

4. Nhat Nguyen (Badminton)

5. Ian O'Sullivan (Trap Shooting)

6. Cathal Daniels (Eventing)

7. Finn Lynch (Sailing)

8. Liam Jegou (Canoeing)

9. Mona McSharry (Swimming)

10. Sharlene Mawdsley (Athletics)

11. Kevin McGrath (Athletics)

12. Gina Akpe-Moses (Athletics)

13. Rachel Darragh (Badminton)

14. Gearoid McDaid (Surfing)

15. Lee Cole (Field Hockey)

16. Oisin McClelland (Sailing)

17. Aoife Hopkins (Sailing)

18. Bertram Allen (Showjumping)

19. Antoinette Neamt (Swimming)

20. Gerry Quinn (Swimming)











So expect plenty of updates on these athletes as we move into a new Olympic cycle.


Tokyo 2020 begins now! :cheer:

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2020 Vision




Athlete Profile:


Rhys McClenaghan





Sport: Artistic Gymnastics


Age: 17 (21 July 1999)







Athlete Profile:


Jack Woolley


Image result for jack woolley taekwondo



Sport: Taekwondo


Age: 17 (23 September 1998)



  • Ranked No.4 in the WTF World Rankings in (-54kg)
  • Came within 10 seconds of qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympics at the age of 17, defeating the European Champion along the way
  • Quarter-finalist at the 2015 World Championships (-54kg) at the age of 16.
  • Gold medals at Luxembourg Open, Canada Open (-54kg) in 2016 and at the Morocco Open and Russian Open (-54kg) in 2015.





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2020 Vision




Athlete Profile:


Conor Ferguson


Image result for conor ferguson



Sport: Swimming


Age: 16 (11 October 1999)



  • Silver medal 100m Backstroke at European Junior Championships (2016)
  • Silver medal 100m Backstroke at European Youth Olympic Festival (2015)
  • Silver medal 200m Backstroke at European Youth Olympic Festival (2015)





Athlete Profile:


Nhat Nguyen


Image result for nhat nguyen badminton



Sport: Badminton


Age: 16 (16 June 2000)



  • Became European U-17 Champion (2016) at the age of 15
  • Bronze Medal European U-17 Championships (2016) in men's doubles alongside Paul Reynolds
  • Became Irish National Champion (2016) at the age of 15

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