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Women's Field Hockey FIH World Cup 2018


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5 minutes ago, Fly_like_a_don said:

India have beaten them at the Gold Coast and had it not been a defensive error in the 54th minute India would have won it... 

Be that as it may, England definitely was the favorite in this match (which I think matters a lot more for them than the Gold Coast one, considering this is a home World Cup), so India getting a draw is a very good result for them.

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8 minutes ago, Fly_like_a_don said:

I was thinking about the dejá vu. India had played favorites for women's Cricket World Cup England in England. Against all odds and expectations of the home crowd in Derby India beat England and later the teams met at the world cup 2017 final..... 

Well yes, but a result in cricket has 0 effect on this hockey World Cup :p


Anyway, I get how someone might be a bit disappointed, but I think India should be happy with a good surprise :)

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