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  1. Brazil looks a way better than 2010, 2014 and 2018. I'm very confident this year, Tite is doing a great job and I hope we gonna make at least the semifinals in Catar. The great thing is that we dont have a "Neymardependence" anymore, and the team plays even better without him.
  2. After Maria Esther Bueno Brasil never did anything in Female Tennis. In less than one year we had a bronze at The olympics, Luísa Stefani winnig 2 Masters 1000 and going tô a GS final and now Bia at her best form ever. Unbeliaveble
  3. Omg, Bia just beat Sakkari Whats a victory, she is in her best form ever
  4. We have our best squad since 2006, i hope that this world cup will be great for Brazil. The team is much better than the last Copa América team
  5. This Australian generation is awful, probably they will lost their first WC since 2002. Even Bolivia can beat them
  6. Brazilian Spriter Paulo André Camilo is participating in Big Brother Brasil and is out of the indoor season. A great choice actually, now he has millions of followers on social networks and gonna earn much more money than he recieved in his life.
  7. Looks like Banco do Brasil will sponsor them and Pietro Fittipaldi will be driving in the first half of the season
  8. It was probably The most confuse match i have ever watch. Roldan is just horrible, every year he do some bizarre mistakes on Libertadores games
  9. This is Endrick. He is Just 15 and will be the next Brazilian superstar.
  10. with all due respect, this Arab Cup played by B teams, just with local player doesn't have any credibility
  11. The other guy is a Chilean Bolsonaro, im glad for my fellow Chileans that Boric is the new president. I think we gonna be free next year and Bolsonaro wont win as all election pools are showing. Thanks God looks like the winds are changing over here.
  12. Lower levels of COVID since April 2020, normal life. Thanks God in Brazil we dont have many antivaxxers despite the stupid president
  13. Great news! The 10 Conmebol teams are going to play in the Nations League starting from 2024.
  14. I'm sure Brazil influenced these changes. The audience for surfing and especially for skating here was huge during the Olympics, our athletes are superstars and are loved all over the country.
  15. Very good for Brazil, we lost boxing but we "earn" have 2 sports that gonna bring us medals forever. Lets hope for some new categories like Vert or big air and we gona reach the top 10 in few Olympics
  16. There is a joke that in 2040 the Brazilian national team will line up like this: 1. Enzo A. 2. Enzo F. 3. Enzão 4. Enzo. S. 5. Enzo Mineiro 6. Enzo Gaúcho 7. Enzo P. 8. Enzinho 9. Enzo Jr. 10. Enzinho Paulista 11. Enzo And the same goes to girls team that gonna line up with onlty with Valentina. I was quite surprised that these names are not in tle list anymore
  17. Most popular names for newborns in Brazil in 2021: Girls: 1 – Helena 2 – Alice 3 – Laura 4 – Manuela 5 – Sophia 6 – Isabella 7 – Luísa 8 – Heloísa 9 – Cecília 10 – Maitê Boys: 1 – Miguel 2 – Arthur 3 – Théo 4 – Heitor 5 – Gael 6 – Davi 7 – Bernardo 8 – Gabriel 9 – Ravi 10 – Noah
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