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  1. Venezuela, Bolívia, Chile, and others were even weaker and we played like shit haha
  2. Raphinha will be the next brazilian superstar
  3. Raphinha changed the game yesterday, nice surpresie. By the way, Tite is a very limited coach, Brazil wont pass quarterfinals again next year
  4. We have a saying here that is something like " For freee even a ferehead injection" and looks like its really happening lol. And ppl loves to share things on Instagram, so, everyone wantos to be vaccinated to show the picture there. Actually we have a great system of vaccination for all kind of diseases and antivaxers here are just a insignificant number of idiots
  5. Things here are finally better. Thanks God antivaxers in Brazil are a insignificant percentage of the population. I hope that by the end of november we gonna have more than 90% of the population fully vaccinated.
  6. Everyone is wrong and deserves to be punished. - Argentina disrespected brazilian laws and the 4 players who lied to the govern - ANVISA could have done this before the game - Brazilian government for let this happen Lets see what fifa is going to do
  7. Actually 3 argentine players lied to brazilian immigration and were deported during the game.
  8. Rosamaria just won this prize cuz she is beautiful, right? She is also the numer one in my heart but this prize is not deserved
  9. Luísa Stefani stills making history after the bronze at the Olympics
  10. I would love to see one of my favourite childhood videogames turning into a olympic sport
  11. Is there any possibility of new categories in Skateboarding or Surfing?
  12. eu acho que Brasil com s chama mais atenção do nosso publico alvo
  13. cara, se eu não for o responsável principal eu animo, to sem tempo pra pegar novas responsabilidades haha
  14. Brazil has 4 more guaranteed medals (at least silver) and 2 more possibles (bronze match at voleyball and Isaquias at canoeing c1 1000) I believe in 3 more golds, and we gonna have our best games ever, even with bad results in beach volleyball (in Gold and number of medals)
  15. Argentina has Marcelo Mendez, the best coach in the world. Gonna miss him coaching my team (Sada Cruzeiro)
  16. So sad that Erlon is injured. No chance for a medal in C2 this year
  17. Well, I use to support Argentina (and every south american nation) in any international event (besides football and when they face Brazil of course hehe)
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