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  1. Hier, l'Equipe de France de Water Polo s'est qualifiée en quart de finale des Championnats d'Europe pour la première fois depuis 1958, éliminant au passage les doubles champions olympiques serbes. Voilà l'intégralité du traitement du journal à ce sujet ; ...
  2. I remember when they qualify for Rio, the injured goalkeeper who was commentating for the TV thinking it was going to change everything for his sport...
  3. Mother of God. First time we reach a quater final since 1958, eliminating Serbia !
  4. Voilà un nom à retirer de la liste. Sans trop s'avancer, on peut dire qu'on aura pas de lanceur de poids à Paris. Il y a cette ITW intéressante de lui qui date du début de l'année. Il en avait déjà gros.
  5. Meh. These players didn't even start their carrier when I stopped watching tennis closely
  6. dislocated shoulder only
  7. And Alaphilippe gone too. This GT is really turning into one of the most anticlimactic ever
  8. The amercan dude knows more stuff about the Czech Republic than most American do about their own country tbh. And obviously, the only ones who don't speak english are the french family
  9. I think, the US is guaranteed to be ranked n°8 (which should mean a - quater final).
  10. Let's play a silly little game . Let's say that the games need to be saved, and for that they are going to be limited to only 100 events What do you save ? My 100 events : Aquatics - Diving [2] 10m Platform (m/w) Aquatics - Swimming [12] 100m Freestyle (m/w) 200m Freestyle (m/w) 400m Freestyle (m/w) 4x100m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 200m Individual Medley (m/w) 1500m Freestyle (m/w) Archery [2] Individual Recurve (m/w) Athletics [24] 100m (m/w) 400m (m/w) 800m (m/w) 10,000m (m/w) 110m/100m Hurdles (m/w) 4x100m Relay (m/w) Marathon (m/w) Long Jump (m/w) High Jump (m/w) Pole Vault (m/w) Discus Throw (m/w) Javelin Throw (m/w) Basketball [2] Tournament (m/w) Boxing [5] 5 Men's weights Cycling - Track [10] Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Individual Pursuit (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Point's Race (m/w) Equestrian [4] Individual Jumping (mixed) Team Jumping (mixed) Individual Eventing (mixed) Team Eventing (mixed) Fencing [7] Individual Foil (m/w) Individual Épée (m/w) Individual Sabre (m/w) Team Event Gymnastics - Artistic [12] Individual All-Around (m/w) Floor (m/w) Vault (m/w) Pommel Horse (m) Rings (m) Parallel Bars (m) Horizontal Bar (m) Balance Beam (w) Uneven Bars (w) Judo [6] 3 Men's weights 3 Women's weights Rowing [8] Single Sculls (m/w) Double Sculls (m/w) Quadruple Sculls (m/w) Eights (m/w) Tennis [2] Singles (m/w) Triathlon [2] Individual Race (m/w) Volleyball - Indoor [2] Tournament (m/w) Gone : Artistic Swimming / Water Polo / Badminton / Breaking (lol) / Canoeing / Cycling BMX/Road/MTB / Field Hockey / Football / Golf / Gymnastic Rhythmic/Trampoline / Handball / Modern Pentathlon / Rugby Sevens / Sailing / Shooting / Skateboarding / Sport Climbing / Surfing / Taekwondo / Table Tennis / Wrestling
  11. So, downhill MTB is my new entry in my "ffs, why this is not a Olympic discipline since 20 years ago" list
  12. Archery Full team guaranteed as host nation. 6 athletes Artistic Swimming Full team guaranteed. 8 athletes Athletics Depends of the national federation policy Will they open the selection or not ? I think, they will kinda of being forced to do so. 50-75 athletes Badminton One male, one female in single are guaranteed. The Giquel-Delrue pair should be in and possibly the Popov brothers in men's double. 4-5 athletes Basketball Both 5*5 teams are in. We'are also guaranteed one 3*3 team. Hopefully, the women 3*3 team should qualify via ranking, then it will be a 50-50 for the male team. 28-32 athletes. Beach Volleyball Here, we will get an extra quota even if we manage to qualify one pair. That's nice . I believe there is a decent chance one of the male's pair qualify by itself. 4-6 athletes Boxing The early AIBA draft gave us 7 olympic spots (4 males and 3 women). If it stands, I don't think, we would be able to qualify more boxers than that. 7 athletes Breaking Don't know, don't care. We are guaranteed one male and one female. So there is that. 2 athletes. Canoeing-Sprint I think, we are guaranteed 4 spots in the C1 and K1 men and women race regardless of other qualified boats ? If true, I'm not sure the federation will use these quotas. 6-12 athletes Canoeing-Slalom Will we have an extra quota in this new urban canoeing discipline ? The question is big, the excitement is great (it is not). 4-6 athletes Cycling-Track A Full team seams on the horizon tbh, then it depends who will run the team pursuit and the madisson/omnium races 14-16 athletes Cycling-Road As of now, we would send a full team. We should remain in the UCI Top 5 male's ranking at least. 7-8 athletes Cycling-BMX Freestyle will give us 2 athletes. Racing, probably, like in Tokyo, 5 athletes. 6-8 Athletes Cycling-MTB Full team definitely. Unfortunately, these days, that only means 4 quotas. 4 athletes Diving One spot guaranteed in every individual discipline. We couldn't ask for more. 8 athletes Equestrian Full team guaranteed. 9 Athletes Fencing As it stands, every teams would qualify to Paris. We also have 6 extra home nation quotas to be distributed as we wish if we fail to do so. Very likely, we will have a full team: 18 athletes. Field Hockey Both teams are guaranteed. 32 Athletes Football Both teams are guaranteed. 36 Athletes Golf I'm guessing, 2 guys and 2 girls like in Rio and Tokyo ? 4 athletes. Gymnastics-Artistic The woman team should qualify, not so much the male one. It will be a bit sad no to have both teams in Paris, but c'est la vie. In worst case scenario, one male gymnast is guaranteed to participate. 6-7 athletes Gymnastics-Rhythmic An almost full team is guaranteed. Theoretically, we could have an second individual gymnast, but that's not going to happen. 6 athletes Gymnastics-Trampoline Only one spot (male or female) is guaranteed. Hopefully, we could qualify one representative of each. 1-2 athletes Handball Both teams are guaranteed. 28 Athletes Judo Full team guaranteed. 14 Athletes Modern Pentathlon Probably a full team. 4 athletes Rowing I expect a very similar team that the one we had in Tokyo (5 boats and 12 rowers). 8 -16 athletes Rugby 7's Both teams are guaranteed. 24 Athletes Sailing Full team guaranteed. 14 Athletes Shooting We are guaranteed one shooter in every individual disciplines, but I would be very disappointed if we didn't qualify any extra shooter. 14-18 athletes Skateboarding 1 boy, 1 girl in Park and in Street. That's what we have been given to, and that's what we should settle for. 4 athletes Sport Climbing 1 quota per discipline is guaranteed. I think, we could look for extra quotas in the combined event, less so in the speed one. 5-7 athletes. Surfing One of the very few sports where we could have a smaller team than in Tokyo. 2-4 athletes. Swimming We had only 25 swimmers in Tokyo. This will certainly be a larger team. 30-35 athletes. Table Tennis Full team guaranteed. 6 Athletes Taekwondo 4 spots are already safe (2 men, and 2 women). Only the women could potentially top that. 4-5 athletes. Tennis We are used to send a full team at the Olympics, but this time, it might be different. 8-12 athletes Triathlon I can't see how we could not have 3 men qualified. Women are more a question mark. 5-6 athletes Volleyball Both teams are guaranteed. 24 Athletes Basketball Both teams are guaranteed. 24 Athletes Weightlifting 4 spots are guaranteed (2 males and 2 females). Maybe, we could qualify an extra female quota. 4-5 athletes. Wrestling No host nation quotas here There is a scenario where there could be no home wrestlers at Paris 2024. Unlikely but still... 1-4 athletes Total : 496 - 568 athletes
  13. That was the same thing for the - game. Too many competitions, too many games, too many hosts. Make it simpler, make it smaller so that a new audience could gain interest. Here, less will defintely be more.
  14. On vient de s'éloigner ! (ce terrain n'est pas celui que l'on voit tous les we en Top 14 )
  15. Sais pas, ce sera pas ouf (mais ça dépend aussi beaucoup du nombre de relais qualifiés)
  16. Bah Marchand garantie presque à lui tout seul qu'on sera au dessus de ce chiffre.
  17. Je me lance en premier Médailles : 54 Athlètes qualifiés : 561 Et pour le fun, le détail par discipline :
  18. Comme vous le savez tous, nous sommes à 2 ans des Jeux. Je vous propose de pronostiquer le nombre de médailles que la France va remporter à ces jeux à domicile En cas d'égalité, j'ajoute une question subsidiaire : le nombre d'athlètes français qualifiés. Le concours est ouvert jusqu'à la fin de l'année civile 2023, vous pouvez éditer autant de fois que vous voulez votre réponse jusqu'à cette date. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez préciser le nombre de médaille(s) par sport, mais ça ne vous rapportera rien Pronos De_Gambassi : 54 (561) Benolympique : 45 (530)
  19. looked at what kind,of Airomir amongst the load.
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