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  1. It's still a lot more than individual sports and only delivers two gold medals. With the limit of athletes we have now and the number of sports/events, the odds are stacked against any new team sport entering the olympics even as additional sport. Will Brisbane even have 240 quotas to use for its additional sports ?
  2. You didn't understand the discussion then... I didn't make that argument in the first place, that was @Vektor. I was responding to it, particulary the point where he lumps both rugby and cricket as equally commonwealth-focused. I was pointing out that Rugby is indeed a lot less commonwealth-focused, using a slightly exaggerated argument (no shit). RU is my favorite sport btw and I know more than a bit of its history having dedicated hundred of hours searching and writing about it... And back to your handball argument, it's really "but, but tennis table shouldn't be an olympic sport, because China". Yeah, the sport is heavely dominated by Europeans. But who cares, as long as the game is universal and played pretty much everywhere. The universality of a sport has not to be judged on the regional spread of its top nations, but on the number of players around the world and the number of nations that do play the game. And perhaps, it was not so the case when handball was introduced back then. But again, who cares? It was a different time with different exigences and different rules (IIRC, IOC was only asking for 25 countries to play a sport to be considered at that time) I don't wish cricket to be an olympic sport because it's too commonwealth (that was never my argument, only if that was argument had to be made, rugby would fared a lot better in that regard), but because it's not universal enough in my book. Besides, I don't think cricket will gain olympic status, but not because of its lack of universality, but for more practical reasons (cost and legacy of a cricket stadium and quotas requirement).
  3. What kind of strawman argument is that. Handball has nothing to do with the discussion. It's an universal sport, heavely dominated by European countries, but played pretty much everywhere by locals. Cricket is not. Outside of T1 nations, the game is almost non existent or limited to expats from cricket nations. The Netherlands are often cited in these kind of discussions as some kind of proof of some depth behind T1 nations. Yet, with the country only having around 5,000 players it is demonstrating quite the opposite. For me, that's a sport that should not be Olympic. In that regard, rugby is doing much better (Spain with 40k players as an exemple of a non-commonwealth, non-T1 nation), which was my initial point. Baseball also. Ps: I'm quoting numbers from european countries as they are the ones the most easely accessible.
  4. Rugby (seven, fifteen) is a lot less commonwealth focused and more universal than Cricket. We already had 2 non-commonwealth countries medalists at the last olympics when you would have only commonwealth countries winning medals for the next 100 years if cricket was an olympic sport.
  5. Should have been less... A solid performance for the french team. Much more than most people would have expected. Still a long way to go, but the decisive game is next week-end against Samoa.
  6. International one (France, Australia, NZ...)
  7. And that's make for 3 breakouts of coverage...
  8. By players who actually can speak the language of the country they are plying for, that's seems about right.
  9. There has been a breakout of the international coverage for 7 or 8 minutes...
  10. First time, the team is made only of professional players. It won't be enough to see the QFs but I'm hoping for some decent performances. And we need something to built for 2025.
  11. Some Italian or greeck forumers might be surprised to learn they have a team here 😁
  12. Teams presentation by Squidge Rugby The main contenders , & (well there is really only one favorite here) : The possible upsets , , & The "challengers" , , , &
  13. Actually, I kinda like the idea. The alpine combined as we knew it is dead anyway. Here, it survives in some form and bring to its well deserved death the team event.
  14. A new combined format will be tested this year at the junior world championships. Still a combined event of a slalom and a downhill races, but with two different riders ! And the team event should be axed after 2023 also. (didn't find an english source on this)
  15. Clearly, the head of state of Slovenia had to look up for the name of his country on a phone or something. Presumably, for not mistake it with another country name.
  16. That was the worst 40 minutes I have ever spent watching something.
  17. That's something people show in solidarity with Christians in Irak and elsewhere.
  18. No, it's the other way around. Chatrier will be saved for the last tennis rounds when Lenglen will start being used for boxing bouts (early boxing stages will be held in another arena)
  19. The construction of the roof at the Suzanne-Lenglen court (second biggest Roland Garros court) has started. Outside of tennis and para-tennis, il will also host the boxing tournament. (possibly the last ever olympic boxing venue)
  20. Carole Cormenier world champion What a nice surprise.
  21. So Basically, Sénéchal was the best belgian teammate of Remco and WVA the best french teammate of Laporte.
  22. Morning Is there a link somewhere with a recap of the first four hours ?
  23. Way to much smiley and excitation here.
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