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  1. RESULTS: Archery - World Cup Stage 1 - Shanghai RECURVE Men's Individual: Jayanta Talukdar lost in QF, Atanu Das lost in pre QF, Mangal Singh Champia & Rahul Banerjee lost in R128 Women's Individual: Deepika Kumari & Laxmirani Majhi lost in QF, Laishram Bombayla Devi lost in R64, Rimil Buriuly lost in R128 Men's Team: Won Bronze Women's Team: Won Silver Mixed Team: Won Bronze COMPOUND Men's Individual: Abhishek Verma & Gurwinder Singh lost in pre QF, Sarvesh Pareek lost in R32, Chinna Raju Srither lost in R64 Women's Individual: Lily Chanu Paonam lost in pre QF, Purvasha Sudhir SHende, Khushbu Dhayal & Prabhjot Kaur lost in R64 Men's Team: Lost in pre QF Women's Team: Lost in QF Mixed Team: Lost in pre QF
  2. No.. The list actually mentions the quota winners. Since Sushil was injured, Narsingh Pancham Yadav participated in Sushil's weight category and won the quota in last yr's World Champs.. The final team will be selected only in months of June/July after the trials are done.. If Sushil can beat Narsingh in the trials, Sushil will go to Rio
  3. I know.. Individual results are getting updated.. But mixed team qualification & results, women's recurve team qualification scores & men's compound team qualification scores are not available
  4. Is the results page getting updated properly in site? I am still not getting the results of Mixed Team, Recurve Women's Team, Compound Men's Team scores & individual match results
  5. Click on the green up arrow on the lower right side of each post
  6. Welcome @Sanjib to this beautiful forum
  7. Added this in the 1st page - 5th post
  8. Guys.. Your opinion on the recent controversy of making Salman Khan as goodwill ambassador for Rio 2016 My views: 1) IOA should have appointed 1 from each field (sports, bollywood, music, arts, science) rather than concentrating on bollywood alone. Olympics is historic event and cannot be compared to IPL, ISL, HIL, PBL, etc 2) Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan, should apologize not only to Milkha Singh but to the entire nation for insulting a sporting legend 3) IOA should have considered Salman Khan's track record. In 2009, he became the brand ambassador of AIFF and it did no good in creating awareness or opportunities 4) IOA is stating that they are now receiving corporate funding since appointment of Salman Khan, which is a good news. Will IOA ensure that these funds go to the athletes? Only 101 days remaining for Rio 2016 and I personally feel that the funds are coming at the 11th hour which will not benefit the athletes. If IOA felt that these funds would come, then why didn't they do this atleast a year ago so that our athletes could use these funds (provided it reach them) for high level abroad training PS: 1 good thing coming out of this controversy - atleast few more people know that Olympics is approaching @Prashanth @Dolby @nitinsanker @tirtha22 @Prakash @Harsh Shah @shrikant @Suneet
  9. Sure.. I am traveling today.. Will do it tmrw
  10. EVENTS TO FOLLOW THIS WEEK RIO QUALIFICATION Badminton - Asia Championships 2016 - 26 Apr to 1 May Weightlifting - Asia Championships 2016 - 24 Apr to 30 Apr RIO PREPARATION Archery - World Cup Stage 1 - 27 Apr to 1 May
  11. Sandeep Tomar easily wins his bronze medal match.. 1 win away from quota
  12. Sumit did not participate in repechage.. It's mentioned as forfeit due to injury
  13. There's a chance for 2nd if Hungary's Daniel Ligeti wins his SF bout.. If it happens, Sumit will have to win 3 matches to win a quota (repechage, bronze, OG playoff)
  14. Dattu Baban Bhokanal finished 2nd in his semi to reach the final of Men's Single Sculls at Asia & Oceania Olympic Qualification Regatta.. This means a top 6 finish is assured and a ticket to Rio 2016 However, if our Men's Lightweight Double Sculls team wins a medal in tomorrow's final, Indian rowing federation has to choose between Men's Single Sculls & Men's Lightweight Double Sculls for Rio 2016 representation PS: In my opinion, this is a stupid rule. They should have allowed the representation in both events if a NOC qualifies in both
  15. Both Lahiri & SSP should easily make the cut, especially since few higher ranked golfers have started to announce that they will not go to Rio Follow the updated ranking list here
  16. I hope this does not get postponed year after year. Also, AIFF need to address the role of the administrators of I League clubs (more like public body with elections) and ISL clubs (private body with businessmen)
  17. I would rather wait for the "the new league" (merger) than with this suggestion. Coz I feel ISL is still in early stages and there are players who play in both which will become a major conflict.. Say Mumbai wins next season's ISL and we have Bengaluru FC as champions of I League, where will Sunil Chhetri play? There are lot of questions to answer
  18. i used zenmate and chose country as USA.. was able to watch it live
  19. Dipa Karmakar wins gold A great day for Indian gymnastics 5th place in 2015 WC followed by Rio qualification & this gold means her confidence is boosted
  20. Dipa wins gold A great day for Indian gymnastics 5th place in 2015 WC followed by Rio qualification & this gold means her confidence is boosted
  21. Dipa assured of medal.. Leads the pack. 2 more gymnast to go -
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