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  1. Btw I m sure they will add e sports in 2028, when the olympic movement will be ready enough as they say. I m already planning to go to Lausanne with my yellow jacket, if someone wants to join me...
  2. I'm very disappointed for karate which totally deserves to be a core sport as it's really universal and combines artistic and fighting. Like many of you guys i'm totally against breakdancing and i think IOC youth policy is wrong because ioc point of view about young people is biased. When we were younger we all enjoyed watching all day and all night the olympics, and this is not going to disappear imho. I m not sure that because of breakdancing young people will be more interested in watching fencing, equestrian or rowing, or just waking up at 4 pm to watch bboys whith silly nicknam
  3. Absolute nonsense. Maybe they think it would be easier for the women's 30 km to be competitive in 2024, since IOC wants full gender equality
  4. Hi everyone, After 2 or 3 years reading this forum anonymously I finally decided to sign up. As many of you I'm a huge fan of the olympics and sports in general, supporting greek and french athletes. See you here!
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