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  • Three Breaking continental qualifiers confirmed


    The pathway to Paris 2024 qualification is nearly known completely with only Athletics and the BMX Freestyle discipline of Cycling yet to release its procedures. But although the documents have been released, a lot of the particulars remain ambiguous, such as the precise event quotas will be earned. This is true especially for continental qualifications, often listed as TBC.




    Breaking, a new sport at Paris 2024 was one such sport. There are 16 places per gender (including one host and two universality spots). The thirteen qualification spots go to the winner of the 2023 World Championship, the winner of five previously unknown continental champions, and seven from an "Olympic Qualifier Series" (OQS), details of which remain scarce. However, the events for Asia, Europe and the Americas have now been announced. The winners of the Breaking events at the 2022 Asian Games (Hangzhou, CHN, 23 Sep-8 Oct 2023), 2023 European Games (Krakow, POL, 21 Jun-2 Jul 2023) and the 2023 Pan American Games (Santiago, CHI, 20 Oct-5 Nov 2023) will qualify a spot. The new dates of the 2022 Asian Games have been announced following its postponement, allowing the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) to update the system. Breaking is not present at the 2023 African Games nor the 2023 Pacific Games, and Africa and Oceania's qualifier remains "to be determined". This means that those continents may have to have a separate qualifier not attached to a major Games.


    Breaking was recently added to the 2023 Pan American Games, the sport's debut at the PanAms. The WDSF seemed delighted and Breaking seems to be solidifying itself as an established sport at major Games, increasing the chances it will survive beyond Paris 2024.



    The WDSF Managing Committee once again succeeded in opening an important door for all athletes in Americas, as we strongly believe that Breaking’s inclusion at the Pan Am Games will give an ‘Olympic push’ to the athletes in the region. Many of them will receive support from their National Olympic Committees and will be eligible for education and training support, which is a terrific opportunity only a year out from the Olympic Games.

    WDSF President Shawn Tay

    The European Games will open the qualification procedure for Breaking.


    Patrick Green

    Writer, Totallympics News


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