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  • Gymnastics: Artistic All-Around World Cup Series Cancelled, Olympic Quotas Reallocated

    The FIG has announced the cancellation of the Artistic Gymnastics All-Around World Cup Series. Originally, four events were scheduled in 2020, but only the Milwaukee, United States event was held as the others were postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with travel restrictions remaining in place it has become increasingly difficult to schedule at least two more events to validate the results.


    This has implications for qualification to the 2020 Olympics as the top three nations in the men’s and women’s individual rankings were expected to qualify a quota to compete. Following the reallocation procedure set by the FIG, the quotas have been reallocated to the top three nations during the team all-around qualification round at the 2019 World Championships.


    Thus, the quotas were awarded to China, Japan and Russia in the men’s individual events while China, Russia and the United States qualified an individual female athlete. This athlete will be allowed to compete in the individual events, but can not participate in the team event.


    Currently the remaining quotas are set to be decided at the apparatus World Cup Series and the continental qualifiers.


    Qualified Nations


    Men’s Artistic Individual Events

    :CHN China

    :JPN Japan

    :RUS Russia


    Women’s Artistic Individual Events

    :CHN China

    :RUS Russia

    :USA United States


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