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  1. Paulo Bento resigned from his job at Korea
  2. Official. Oliver Bierhoff’s contract at the DFB has been terminated — he’s out of the project after disappointing World Cup results for Germany. this's the best thing that happened since being eliminated in 1st round
  3. Saudis made the trend of where's Messi , Brazilian fan saying where's Son and he even said it in Arabic Son wenoh kasarna ainoh means where's Son we we humiliated him
  4. As a German fan I'm not really missing them
  5. Roger Federer is joining Brazilian Squad instead of injured Gabriel Jesus
  6. Who said Brazil plays better without Neymar
  7. Mo Salah is preferring a local match in Egyptian women's volleyball league on his long time friend lovren in WC Lovren right now :
  8. i guess Croatia isn't a team u hate and it's not a team u cheer for either U guys are so Lucky with Penalties except for Euro 2008 against Turkey , anyway Congrats hopefully Croatia can produce a classic match against Brazil in quarters
  9. i remember a Croatian fan looking like this in WC 2006 , maybe she was her mom
  10. really sad for Japan , they deserved a better end with their victories over Spain and Germany
  11. i knew he would miss it , despite the fact he score many penalties with Liverpool last season in FA and Carabao Cup
  12. i feel it's going to smile this time for Japan in Penalties
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