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  1. How come this goal was counted, what are they smoking in VAR or the Computer is Japanese
  2. What trouble, they have +6 goal difference
  3. Costa Rica scores, Germany is 100% out
  4. How come this poor Simon is the main GK and de he's isn't even in squad
  5. Belgium didn't deserve to qualify, sometimes Fate leads us to these moments, Likely would definitely scored at least once from these 3 big chances
  6. Canada scores from an own goal 2-1 morocco
  7. In 1986 Morocco topped the group and faced Germany in R16 where they lost 1-0 in 88th minute will history repeat itself
  8. Yes, I though it's not a penalty cuz Carasco didn't touch, but for Offside I don't get it, I just hate those English referees I never understand them and Anthony Taylor is always one of these contraversioal referees
  9. Tunisian Pitch Invader holding Palestinian flag in Tunisia vs France match and fans chanting Palestine Palestine
  10. Saudi Arabia didn't qualify, but ended Non losing Streak of Argentina, prevented Mexico from qualifying it's just when u can't qualify, just bother others
  11. Gerardo "Tata" Martino's contract with Mexico has been terminated after their side failed to qualify for the round of 16
  12. Poland outlast Mexico to reach the last 16
  13. Either Poland and Mexico going to be eaten alive by Mbappe , no need to rush
  14. Chavez sending rockets from Free Kicks WOW
  15. i guess Mexico is definitely going to score more
  16. Cszezny or what ever his name is is there for saving cheap penalties
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