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  1. here we go .finally this gold is coming to us . fully deserved it . incredible. after the first rotaion i was sure if go without a mistake in the second ther was no turning back. impressive last few days, like we entered in the olympics a little bit too late . thanks girls
  2. What Ivet did at kumite 55 was great.13 years without an olimpic title for Bulgaria stopped.we finally heard the anthem and two more medals since then
  3. i hopeMacriz will be ready for the games after the group stage.Is there any info if its a bad sprain or just hipperextended ligament
  4. JOsif Miladinov with great result.hope he gets in the final tommorow
  5. im so happy fot Toni Kostadinova. well done girl . i expected the first medal to come in the late days of the OG
  6. Peaty is compiting only with himself. congrats on Hafnaooui .that came in surprice for me
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