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  1. yeah, Czechia definitely not they may be pretty well the most atheist nation on the planet meanwhile yes SVK is super ultra catho
  2. Don´t get it, why you mentioned me ?
  3. Stage 2 in Modena (ITA) Men´s Big Air: 1. Nicolas Laframboise 172.50 2. Mark McMorris 168.00 3. Chris Corning 166.25 Full Final Result HERE
  4. Stage 2 in Modena (ITA) Women´s Big Air: 1. Reira Iwabuchi 176.50 2. Brooke Voigt 126.75 3. Anna Gasser 109.75 Full Final Result HERE
  5. Congrats Paises Baixos Huge surprise. what a upset to beat Abba, Cheb Khaled or Eros during one single contest ! Respect !
  6. Looks like Team Dickow more or less secured 6th place. All in all a nice result, good job @Finnator123 and @Glen my dicks team mates
  7. aand not even a point... yeah, that´s our neighbors, south or north 0 points Čechy where are youuuu ?
  8. help ! I am confused...have we that single point or don´t we have that single point ? don´t play with me like that, every point is a gold one for us now
  9. That´s definitely a brave move coming from an albiceleste
  10. but that Tango picture in the ARG table is really nice, I love it too
  11. Argentina again so kind with other south american countries
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