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  1. Japan is an awesome country to visit but its one of the most expensive place and the travel packages cost about 1.5 lakhs per person for a week https://www.sotc.in/international-tour-packages/japan-tour-packages https://www.asiahighlights.com/japan/why-expensive.htm
  2. Saina can do it if she consistently reaches minimum quarterfinals in top tournaments but many decent players in top 16 Kidambi's task is a bit harder because he is way back at 58th spot and has to perform better than other Indians as well, there are 5 Indians ahead of him. While Satwik-Chirag and Ponnappa-Reddy are within qualification rankings both mixed doubles pairs Satwik-Ponnappa and Pranaav-Reddy are not, they have to play well too To qualify, both players of same NOC have to be within top 16 in singles
  3. Good day so far in Denmark Open. Satwik-Chirag, PV Sindhu, Sai Praneeth (who beat Lin Dan) progress to second round
  4. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/more-sports/others/need-to-finish-in-the-top-10-by-2028-olympics-or-else-ill-be-a-failure-as-sports-minister-kiren-rijiju/articleshow/71523016.cms Bold words from Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju. I think he is serious in his job and I am optimistic of a good show in Tokyo. Very unlike our last Sports Minister in Rio who had only gone there for photo shoots
  5. Those are not Olympic rankings but normal rankings. Olympic ranking list is given below https://www.igfgolf.org/olympic-games/tokyo-2020/tokyo-2020-qualification-system/tokyo-2020-olympic-golf-rankings/ Till few weeks ago, there were 2 Indians in men's rankings but both have dropped out. Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar are safe in top 60
  6. Good way to earn money by a federation in debt. They can deliberately judge poorly and force the victim party to deposit $1000 to lodge a protest
  7. In Men's Singles if everyone wishes to participate, then the last 56th spot would go to 67th ranked Lithuanian. Serbia, Spain, France, Australia, USA have more than 4 players in the top 60. Can Sania Mirza make a comeback, I read she will participate in Australian Open. Obviously to qualify she has to be in top 10 because the best ranked doubles player is Ankita Raina ranked 165
  8. Do you see either Prajnesh or Sumit qualifying for Singles
  9. Atleast in cricket Pakistan can compete. In hockey its even worse. Although the H2H is India 62 wins to Pakistan's 82, India last suffered defeat in South Asian Games final in 2016. Since there has been 11 matches and India won 10 of those
  10. A fellow data analyst!!! I don't follow Athletics as much as I do Football, Badminton,Hockey etc and hence my understanding is limited. But to check progress in whatever sports, just counting medals isn't the right parameter but participations in World events, gradual improvement in National Records, progression to latter stages and so on. I certainly believe we are making huge strides and the results are showing. The fact that we are even discussing medals itself is huge compared to 15-20 years where we would just show up to fill the numbers
  11. Buddy, we must understand that our Athletics structure is not of highest quality and hence we would happy with PB and SB only. Just a cursory glance at our athletes' body structure, height, muscle mass compared to other top nations' athletes theres a huge difference. We may not get medals but we must moniter if we are progressing or not
  12. Sports performance is directly proportional to economic performance. Pakistan's per capita GDP (PPP) was better than India's from independence till early 2000s when India surged ahead. This reflected at the sports performance as well comparatively. Pakistan were world beaters in cricket, squash and hockey. Now the state of Pakistani sports is dismal and abject Nowhere the trend can be clearly seen in India vs Pakistan H2H ODI wins where the table is given below Decade India Pakistan No Result 1978-1980 1 2 0 1981-1990 9 20 2 1991-2000 19 30 2 2001-2010 17 17 2011-2019 9 4 Overall 55 73 4 In fact, in the last 14 ODI matches India has won 10 of those
  13. PU Chitra is participating in Women's 1500 m https://www.iaaf.org/competitions/iaaf-world-championships/iaaf-world-athletics-championships-doha-2019-6033/results/women/1500-metres/heats/startlist#resultheader
  14. Its a real pity that the most populated region in the world can't produce decent athletes of international level. Atleast now our prime minister (who understands sports is a tool of soft power) and sports minister are focused on sports. We have had many movements like Khelo India, FitIndia, Baby leagues for football etc to promote sports and unearth new talent. India has hosted many international events and looking to bid for 2026 Youth Olympic Games. I am optimistic of India hosting the Olympics in my lifetime Pakistan has barely any funds for any sports federations and could hardly send any athletes for World Championships for wrestling, boxing, athletics, etc. Bangladesh is somewhat slowly progressing and in 2016 for first time could qualify an athlete which otherwise they receive Tripartite inviations. Sri Lanka has few participations in athletics and weightlifting, is a force in rugby in Asia. Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives are too small states and have seen little progress
  15. We had sent 1st string teams because it was held in Guwahati and it was imperative that the event gets more audience and become a success. In hockey we had sent a second-string team. I doubt that this time with Olympics near we would send a strong team because there's hardly any competition
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