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  1. How good are chances of an pair qualifying. I guess the best situation would be if and qualify in other World Tours then we can qualify in Asian qualification event
  2. BWF World Tour Finals starts today and PV Sindhu is the only entry from . She is in tough group with Akane Yamaguchi, Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao
  3. Not purely serpertine but the draw is such that 1st-8th seed shall face any team from 9th-16th seed
  4. Actually it could be anyone among seeded 9-16 in final qualification match. Currently the teams are Croatia, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Belgium, Romania, Nigeria, Belarus and Czech Republic. Of these Croatia and Slovenia are real threats because their top 2 players are in top 60. Women's team is too weak to qualify The team qualifying draw procedure is given below https://ittf.cdnomega.com/eu/2019/03/2020_WTQT_Sport_Specific.pdf
  5. Manav Vikash Thakkar wins U21 Men's Singles event of ITTF Challenge in Canada. Only Harmeet Desai, Sathiyan and Soumyajit Ghosh won an U21 singles event before. He also reached the quarterfinals of the senior singles event. All bodes well for crucial TT team qualification next month. India is already ranked 8th in Olympic Men's Team ranking and will be ranked 4th in the team qualifiers if it was held today. Jan 2020 rankings shall be considered for seedings in team qualifications
  6. There are two forms of team rankings - Normal and Olympic system. In both systems, top 3 players' ranks from each NOC are considered and matches between all the NOC are simulated. Normal rankings are used for World Championships and other team tournaments because the playing system is best of 5 single matches viz : A v X, B v Y, C v Z, A v Y, B v X. Virtual matches are simulated between all NOCs, the NOC which wins a virtual match gets 2 points and the other NOC gets zero. For example, if top 3 players of NOC1 is 52, 65, 89 and for NOC2 is 43, 78, 81 then by the playing system the results of virtual matches is given below 52 vs 43 NOC2 wins 65 vs 78 NOC1 wins 89 vs 81 NOC2 wins 52 vs 78 NOC1 wins 65 vs 43 NOC2 wins So NOC2 wins the virtual duel 3-2 and gets 2 points and NOC1 gets 0. Similar simulations occur between all NOCs and they are ranked based on the points garnered If one notices since China has the best 5 men's singles players, it should win all virtual matches and hence it garnered 296 points as number of NOCs is 149 Olympic rankings are used for Olympic Games only and the playing system is BC vs YZ, A vs X, C vs Z, A vs Y, B vs X ie there are 4 singles matches and one doubles match. On a sidenote, India's ranking has been consistently been around 11th-13th because its top 2 players, Sathiyan and Achanta have been in the 30-40 rank range but the third ranked player was always above 100. The ranking leaped to 8th now because Harmeet Desai improved his ranking from 104 to 84
  7. The Weightlifting event in South Asian Games was a Silver event and could avail Olympic ranking points but it was stripped of the status. The 49er class in Sailing qualification will start on 3 Dec and there's Indian participation. Although India is very unlikely to qualify from this event, it will help if any Asian nation qualifies. The Asian qualification will be in 2020
  8. Deepika Kumari and Ankita Bhakat move to the semis of CQT earning an individual quota for India. Bigger news is earned a quota in women's archery.
  9. Among unqualified NOC in women's archery only archers from Thailand, Kazakhstan and North Korea have progressed to fourth round. So if Ankita or Deepika can do better than any one of them, one archer qualifies to Olympics
  10. Any news of Asian Archery Championships or any websites where its available Checked World Archery website but no info
  11. Watched Kidambi in last few years, I feel his problems are more of low confidence and psychological rather than skill or fitness. Just yesterday against Chen Long, he played a lot of cross smashes but not one smash today. Cross-court smash is of key shots in Men's Singles and not one attempt of smash winner indicates extreme low confidence. In my opinion, Kidambi must visit a sports psychologist, play lower grade tournaments to regain confidence
  12. Is everyone afraid of Kidambi . Chen Long retired after 1 set and Kidambi moves to semis
  13. Everyone is panicking about Badminton qualifications but qualification is not that difficult even for Kidambi, Ashwini-Sikki, and either of XD pairs. Breaking it up by events Men Singles: Two players from same NOC need to be in top 16 for qualify. Sai Praneeth is comfortable in 8th but no other players in top 16. There are many likely candidates who have potential like Kashyap, Prannoy or Lakshya Sen but lets focus on Kidambi, who is currently about 17000 points away from 16th spot which looks tough at first sight but if we have a look at how ranking system works then its not that difficult. Kidambi is currently playing only Grade 2 tournaments and just participating in them garners atleast 2000-3000 points. Agreed that even the top 16 are also participating in these events, but still Kidambi even reaches quarterfinals consistently he can qualify. Women Singles: Sindhu is safe in 6th but Saina is only 8000 points away and needs minimum consistent quarterfinal finishes to qualify Women Doubles: Doubles is generally top heavy and the pairs from other nations are average. The pairs till Dutch pair Piek-Sienen are consistent and they should qualify. Ashwini-Sikki should qualify in top 14 as last two spots are likely to be continental quotas. They are just 2000 points away from the Russian pair, they are also probably better than the Canadian pair who are in 12th Mixed Doubles: The question is not whether an Indian pair will qualify, but which pair will; either of Satwik-Ashwini or Pranaav-Sikki. My money is on Satwik-Ashwini. Both of them are on 30000 points and 4000 points away from 14th place. Either of them can overtake the French at 12th and German at 11th Ranking System is given below https://extranet.bwfbadminton.com/docs/document-system/81/1466/1471/Section - World Ranking System.pdf
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