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Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 18 Division I Group A World Championship 2022


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Qualified Nations

  • DEN.gif Denmark
  • FRA.gif France
  • JPN.gif Japan
  • KAZ.gif Kazakhstan
  • NOR.gif Norway
  • SVK.gif Slovakia


2019 Championships Results


Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 18 World Championship 2019


Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 18 Division I Group A World Championship 2019


Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 18 Division I Group B World Championship 2019


Tournament Format


After Disqualification of :RUS and :BLR IIHF has decided that the Men´s Under 18 Top Division will have only 8 Teams this year,

which means 2 Nations from this year Division I Group A Tournament will advance among the Elite next season.


The Tournament will be played in a Classical 6 Nations Round-Robin phase, Each team will play once against every opponent, 


Remember The 1st and 2nd ranked Nations will qualify for the Men´s Under 18 World Championships next year in 2023


The 3rd, 4th and 5th ranked Nations will stay in this Men´s Under 18 Division I Group A World Championships also for the next season,


The 6th Ranked Nation will be Relegated to the next year 2023 Men´s Under 18 Division I Group B World Championships.

Tournament Schedule


Standing Link

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3 Years !


Three freaking years since our U18 has been relegated from the 2019 Championship.


Nobody was even a bit worried, since just in 2020 came a new generation of 03/04 and 05, probably the best ever in all our history, guys around Slafkovský, Dvorský, Mešár, Petrovský, Nemec, Molnár are all enormous talents...


Sadly anyone of them did not have the chance to return back our U18 among the elite and play there for medals for all this time, because both 2020 and 2021 Division I A tournaments were cancelled due Covid.


Now the majority of them are 18 and this is their last year in this age category, but instead of playing the Top Division in which, yes, they would be a candidate for medal. They are stuck in inferior division...


and what is even more sad, even if the tournament is at home, many of them will miss this tourney. The most notable absence are for sure


Slaf with his TPS Turku won yesterday 7th match of :FIN Quarterfinals and will  play the Semifinals next week

Šimon Nemec and Sýkora both advanced with Nitra to the :SVK Semifinals + Filip Mešár was injured in game 6 of the Nitra-Poprad serie and his start in the tournament is dubious.


Anyway Slovakia still should succeed in this Tournament at home, Tickets are already almost sold out for our games (2 Teams will advance).


The Goal is obviously the Promotion, The Ambition is to Win the Tournament with full 15 points.


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Šimon Nemec and Adam Sýkora will play in the match against Norway :) Their HK Nitra (Semifinalist of our Championship) agreed to release them only for the Tuesday´s match.


Also there still one place vacant in the roster for Juraj Slafkovský, if his TPS Turku will be eliminated in the :FIN league Semifinals in 4 matches he will arrive to Slovakia and play the last 2 games against Denmark and Kazakhstan.


But even without them this roster should win this tournament.


:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK




Patrik Jurčák  (HC Košice)

Rastislav Eliáš   (Green Bay Gamblers, USHL, :USA )

Samuel Urban    (HK Púchov, III. Division)



Marián Moško  (Cornell University, NCAA, :USA )

Boris Žabka  (Slovan Bratislava U20)

Šimon Nemec  (HK Nitra)  *Only for the Match against Norway

Maxim Štrbák  (Jokerit Helsinki U20, :FIN )

Dávid Nátny  (Slovakia NT U18 Project, II. Division)

Leo Eperješi  (HC Košice U20)

Jakub Chromiak  (Spartak Dubnica, II. Division)

Luca Krakovský   (Modré Krídla Bratislava, II. Division)

Sebastián Náhalka   (Slovakia NT U18 Project, II. Division)



Alex Šotek   (Slovakia NT U18 Project, II. Division)

Markus Suchý   (Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, QMJHL, :CAN )

Samuel Honzek   (Dukla Trenčín)

Ondrej Molnár   (Slovakia NT U18 Project, II. Division)

Dalibor Dvorský   (AIK Stockholm, HockeyAllsvenskan, :SWE )

Daniel Alexander Jenčko   (Malmö Redhawks U18, :SWE )

Martin Mišiak   (Slovakia NT U18 Project, II. Division)

Patrik Gabriel   (SaiPa Lappeenranta U20, :FIN )

Jakub Kopecký  (Slovakia NT U18 Project, II. Division)

Jakub Križan    (Dukla Trenčín U20)

Peter Repčík    (Cape Breton Eagles, QMJHL, :CAN )

Alex Čiernik   (Södertälje SK, HockeyAllsvenskan, :SWE )

Filip Mešár   (HK Poprad)

Adam Sýkora  (HK Nitra)  *Only for the Match against Norway


+  Juraj Slafkovský  (TPS Turku, :FIN )   *Only if TPS Turku lose the Semifinals Series in Finland 0-4, he will play the Matches against Denmark and Kazakhstan

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Monday April 11th, 2022 -

Round-Robin Day 1 Results (GMT +2)


12:00  :FRA France  4 - 3  Denmark :DEN

15:30  :NOR Norway  9 - 2  Kazakhstan :KAZ

19:00  :JPN Japan  2 - 8  Slovakia :SVK


Provisional Standing After Day 1:


1.  :NOR 3

2. :SVK 3


3. :FRA 3

4. :DEN 0

5. :JPN 0


6. :KAZ 0

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Quite easy Dalibor Dvorský tonight with 2+1 :) Our next year huge NHL Draft prospect


Tonight he scored even while falling to ice :p



Anyway, pretty impressed by Japanese players, this was very level hockey from them, really fast skaters, definitely did not made it easy to our guys at all, was not expected this, maybe Japan is not the worst team in this tournament at the end



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Quite unusual Thing really happened : :d


Two players were added to the roster today, but will play only one match and then return to their club for Tomorrow´s National Championship 3rd Semifinal Match between their HK Nitra and HKM Zvolen.


But it is nobody else than this year NHL Draft Top 10 prospect Šimon Nemec and his talented team mate Adam Sýkora whom arrived today from Nitra to help the team, they will play only this one game tonight against :NOR :p




Also the game against Norway is sold out, so up to 3000 people in the stands probably Tonight :) Yesterday they were some 500 free seats against Japan :(

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Tuesday April 12th, 2022 -

Round-Robin Day 2 Results (GMT +2)


12:00  :KAZ Kazakhstan  2 - 4  France :FRA

15:30  :DEN Denmark  6 - 1  Japan :JPN

19:00  :SVK Slovakia  5 - 2  Norway :NOR


Provisional Standing After Day 2:


1.  :SVK 6

2. :FRA 6


3. :NOR 3

4. :DEN 3

5. :KAZ 0


6. :JPN 0

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