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    Werloc: Totallympics Has No Spine Whatsoever

    dishonesty-300x225.jpgLithuanian juror and a former Committee member Werloc shares a few cents as a response to the recent entry of Bestmen into the 10th edition TISC jubilee.


    “Honestly, as a person that has been with this contest from the very start, I am absolutely, horribly disappointed with how this forum has NO SPINE whatsoever.”


    “You’re basically telling to every other participant that we can do whatever we want and as long as we have some graphic skills, we’re welcomed with open arms.”


    “May I remind you all, that there is message proof where our beloved Bestmen says himself THAT HIS VOTES ARE RIGGED and his decisions are PURELY RANDOM. Not to mention the harassment of other TISC hosts year after year on top of many other instances of ludicrous behaviour.”


    “The lines with ‘we can’t have a song contest without Algeria’ are a bit ridiculous to me, because we’ve had them before (without Algeria) and they were great.”


    “If we’re okay with a person that shows constant signs of disrespectful behaviour and even admits to breaking the rules of this very contest, well then this 10th edition of TISC is not in any way special to me. I’m a person that values music, a person that values honesty, a person that respects the rules and probably a person that takes this way too seriously, but I love everything that we have done here and it hurts me that a single snake is trying to ruin everything year in and year out, yet no action is taken. If you do not think that this is serious, the last contest was won by 5 points.”

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