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    How To Win TISC

    Guest columnist and Lithuanian national jury president Werloc took some time to explain in a nutshell what one needs to do to win the prestige TISC title. It’s rather simple actually, as you are about to see…



    We‘ll take you on a music venture

    It‘s full of all sorts of neat adventures

    It‘s famous all around the globe

    The stage is lit with hundred strobes


    The spring is starting, great time to chill

    So let us gather in Brazil

    Let‘s have some tea, the drink‘s on me

    We‘ll celebrate the Jubilee


    We have some new faces in our family

    Some things might seem uncertain, I‘ll explain to thee

    I‘ll share some ideas, I‘ll show you some perks

    I‘ll explain how TISC participation works


    Let‘s start with explaining how we have to vote

    The points go from twelve to one on a note

    It might feel really tempting, but remember what I wrote

    Slovenia and Slovakia are not on the same boat


    There‘s three weeks of voting, there‘s still time to play

    The hosts love it when you vote on the very last day

    Simply listen to the songs and go with the flow

    Two hours till deadline, the Dutch said “Hello”


    The first time you enter, you can only guess

    If your place in the ranking will be a success?

    And if by chance your song is not in the first row

    You try again next year and Let It All Go


    The next time you enter, you want to perform

    Whilst picking your song you’re “Brewing Up A Storm

    And if lady luck is not kind on the day

    I’ll tell you some tricks, so do not “Runaway


    If you‘re feeling the need to score all the good points

    An emotional lady will not disappoint

    Try to bring them to tears, go beyond and above

    It‘s always better to try with a Song About Love


    If your song about love did not make you the leader

    Try your national language and choose the song “Lieder

    Some users might say that you have to play smart

    But I advise you to “Listen To Your Heart


    If you‘re still wondering what‘s the key

    To your first contest victory

    TISC tends to love diversity

    When one winner is Human”, the other – “Zombie


    If you followed instructions, but it’s not going as planned

    You entered this contest as solo and band

    And the choices of songs can’t get anymore grand

    Then tough luck mate, you’re just not from Ireland


    The most important thing is that no one ends in zeros

    Let’s face it, we’re not all “Superheroes

    Let’s celebrate that the penguins are no longer mean

    With a giant feast of tangerines

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