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Snooker WPBSA Senior World Championship 2021

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Official Schedule
British Summer Time (GMT +1)
Olympic Event Final | Non-Olympic Event Final


Thursday, May 6th
12:00 Men's Round of 16, Day 1
Friday, May 7th
12:00 Men's Round of 16, Day 1

Saturday, May 8th
12:00 Men's Quartelfinals

Sunday, May 9th
12:00 Men's Semifinals
19:00 Men's Final



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Men's Individual

Non-Olympic Event

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals

:ENG Jimmy White

3 :ENG Jimmy White 4 :ENG Jimmy White 4 Final

:ENG Tony Knowles


:WAL Lee Walker

2 :WAL Darren Morgan (a) 1

:WAL Darren Morgan (a)


:BRA Igor Figueiredo

3 :BRA Igor Figueiredo 4 :BRA Igor Figueiredo 1 :ENG Jimmy White 3

:ENG John Parrott (a)


:SCO Stephen Hendry

3 :SCO Stephen Hendry 1

:IRL Patsy Fagan (a)


:IRL Michael Judge (a)

2 :NIR Patrick Wallace (a) 4 :NIR Patrick Wallace (a) 1 :ENG David Lilley 5

:NIR Patrick Wallace (a)


:ENG Barry Pinches

3 :ENG Barry Pinches 2

:NIR Dennis Taylor (a)


:ENG David Lilley

3 :ENG David Lilley 4 :ENG David Lilley 4 No 3rd Place Match

:WAL Philip Williams (a)


:IRL Ken Doherty

3 :IRL Ken Doherty 3

:ENG Joe Johnson (a)



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