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Biathlon 2020 - 2021 Discussion Thread

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Competition schedule for next season:


WC1 - Kontiolahti (FIN)

  • Individual / Sprint


WC2- Östersund (SWE)

  • Sprint / Pursuit / Relay


WC3 - Hochfilzen (AUT)

  • Sprint / Pursuit / Relay


WC4 - Le Grand Bornand (FRA)

  • Sprint / Pursuit / Mass Start


WC5 - Oberhof (GER)

  • Sprint / Mixed Relay / Pursuit


WC6 - Ruhpolding (GER)

  • Sprint / Relay / Pursuit


WC7 - Antholz-Anterselva (ITA)

  • Individual / Mass Start / Relay


WC8 - Minsk-Raubichi (BLR)

  • Relay / Sprint / Pursuit


WC9 - Otepää (EST)

  • Sprint / Pursuit / Mixed Relay


WC10 - Holmenkollen (NOR)

  • Sprint / Pursuit / Mass Start


In Total:

9x Sprint

8x Pursuit

2x Individual

3x Mass Start

5x Relay

2x Mixed Relay

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22 hours ago, Monzanator said:

@RobtheAggie I read that Tara Geraghty-Moats is done with nordic combined and wants to go back to biathlon?

Yes, she is has made that announcement.  This is pretty big news.  I listened to a interview with her from 2016.  She grew up doing nordic, jumping and biathlon, and was good at all three.  When she decided on Nordic Combined, according to her side of the story, there were some unkind things said to her by a few of the USBA people.  She did not name names, but it was not happy.  


Last season she was listed on the big list of females that the USBA could call into races, so for those who noticed it, it was pretty big news.  It should be interesting to see how the shooting goes.  If it comes back quickly, she should be a great addition.  


I think the deciding factor was that Women's Nordic Combined is still not an Olympic Sport.  

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8 hours ago, RobtheAggie said:

At least no Super Sprint.  No Single Mixed Relay (or does that mean both Single and Mixed)?

Anthlotz will decide the Individual

Minsk the Relay

Otepaa the Mixed Relay 

Olso the rest.


Mixed Relay means Single Mixed + Mixed.

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The Swiss announced their team for 2021-2022:


National Team:

Weger Benjamin 1989 


Team A:

Cadurisch Irene 1991

Gasparin Aita 1994

Gasparin Elisa 1991

Gasparin Selina 1984 - I would assume that this would be her last season, but who knows.

Häcki Lena 1995

Finello Jeremy 1992

Jäger Martin 1987 


Team B:

Barmettler Flavia 1998

Baserga Amy 2000

Meier Lea 2001

Meinen Susi 1992

Volken Flurina 1993

Bovisi Sandro 1997

Burkhalter Joscha 1996

Fravi Laurin 1999

Hartweg Niklas 2000

Salutt Nico 1998

Stalder Gion 1999

Stalder Sebastian 1998

Wiestner Serafin 1990


Team C:

Burkhalter Yara 2002

König Seraina 2001

Perren Marlène 2003

Wallimann Lorena 2001

Dauphin Valentin 2001

Keller Yanis 2002

Roth Jan 2002

Zberg Simon 2001



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Olympic Schedule announced:


Mixed Relay -> Saturday 5th February 17:00
Men -> Tuesday 8th February 16:30
Women -> Monday 7th February 17:00
Men -> Saturday 12th February 17:00
Women -> Friday 11th February 17:00
Men -> Sunday 13th February 18:45
Women -> Sunday 13th February 17:00
Mass Start
Men -> Friday 18th February 17:00
Women -> Saturday 19th February 17:00
Men -> Tuesday 15th February 17:00
Women -> Wednesday 16th February 15:45
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