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  1. The Polish guy was 12.7, might be the fastest since Rio
  2. In Men TS qualies: Dutch can't be caught. Jason Kenny got work to do. Gregory Bauge got even more to do. Glaetzer still in treatment, his replacement, Cornish (current junior world champ) did very well. Rudyk looks very in form for sprint.
  3. In Women TS: Italy's women1 time impressive. Canada's women2 time also good. She's new to the sport. She was recruited after putting great numbers on watt bike (just like Mathilde Gros).
  4. Last time I checked Katy had such an advance in the pts system. Is it scrapped, for new conditions such as finish above your rival or win the title?
  5. Who's your preference to go to Tokyo?
  6. What an affair!! Is she still training with that coach?
  7. The shitty time of the girls could be explained by Copponi (the locomotive) pulling early. The other girls couldn't keep the pace. The objective is done but last place at Tokyo beckons. Experience might help for the next 4 years. As for the men, toe to toe with the Danes until last Km. Exciting next round.
  8. Timur Safin (bronze at Rio) will find it hard to get past the Borodachev siblings to make the team.
  9. Coached by a frenchman (forgot his name). They improved greatly and what a comeback for bronze. French cadres resting today..
  10. Well it's after Worlds champs then. A draw 2 places by places? cared to explain.. I thought for team competitions, It would be 1vs8 2vs7 and so on..
  11. So 1 world cup +Continentals+Worlds to finalise seedings, right?
  12. Apithy tamed the giant! A precious win.
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