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  1. Wow!
    Rigters got a reaction from heywoodu in Totallympics Introduction Thread   
    No, but I was a fan at the time and have used it as a nickname since. 
  2. Like
    Rigters reacted to OlympicIRL in Totallympics Introduction Thread   
    It’s always good to see new faces on the site as the Olympics come into view. So just want to welcome the following new users to Totallympics. Hope you all enjoy the Olympics and don’t be afraid to post  
    @PanchoB   welcome and good luck to Mexico 
    @Rigters welcome and best of luck to Portugal 
    @Jaymz  welcome! I hope you are excited for a home Olympics 

    @JockCartier  good luck to team Canada 
    @erw  nice to see a Korean user here. Good luck to all your athletes at Paris 2024 
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