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Women's Basketball FIBA European SuperCup 2021


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October 22nd, 2021
2 Teams, the winning Team will be the Women's Basketball FIBA European SuperCup 2021 Champion


  • RUS.gif150819nfs270hnsnhvnhhv.png UMMC Ekaterinburg
  • ESP.gif65548?sizeType=Big&backgroundType=Light& Valencia BC


Central European Summer Time (GMT +1)
ESP.gif Valencia BC 65548?sizeType=Big&backgroundType=Light& 75 - 68 150819nfs270hnsnhvnhhv.png UMMC Ekaterinburg RUS.gif
Quarter-by-Quarter: 20-18, 20-16, 18-17, 17-17
October 22nd 2021, h. 20:30 (GMT +2), Pavello Municipal Font de Sant Lluis (La Fonteta), Valencia
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