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  • Sailing: Yang and Hu Win Nacra 17 Asian Championships


    China’s Yang and Hu finished ahead of their compatriots to win the 2021 Nacra 17 Asian Championships. By winning they have also qualified a quota for China to compete at the Olympics in this event. The Nacra 17 Asian Championships was held in Shanghai, China from March 1st to March 6th 2021.


    The first two days saw China’s Shi Junjie and Zhang Yingying with the lead thanks to winning five of the first seven races. Behind them by three points were Yang Xuezhe and Hu Xiaoxiao. However, by winning all three races held on the third day Yang and Hu took the overall lead by a single point. The pair continued their strong performance by winning four out of the five final races to win with a net total of 19 points. Shi and Zhang won silver (24 points) while their compatriots Mao Hui and Zhou Qianqian won bronze (38 points).


    This was the final opportunity for Asian nations to qualify in the Mixed Nacra 17 Foiling event. Two more quotas remain set to be awarded to an African and European nation. Asian nations still have opportunities to qualify in 6/10 sailing events set to be held in the coming weeks.


    Qualified Nations


    Mixed Nacra 17 Foiling



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