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Judo EJU European Championships 2022


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Day 1 of the championships...


5 gold medals awarded to 5 different Countries and a couple of remarkable upsets (above all, Bouchard and Krasniqi's losses in the women's -52kg class)...


France is on top of the medal table so far thanks to 1 gold and a few more silver & bronze medals, followed by Spain with 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal...


for Italy, a day to forget, especially for Odette Giuffrida, double Olympic and multiple european medallist, who couldn't even make the consolation final...


only half-positive note of the day, the lone bronze medal by Elios Manzi, his first good result in the -66kg class and the first good international appearance overall since long time and after many, too many, injuries...

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day 2


more titles for France and Great Britain (now 1st and 2nd in the medal table with 2 gold medals each) and first success for Azerbaijan and Georgia...


for Italy, pleasant surprise by Giovanni Esposito in the men's -73kg class, who had the day of his life and got so close to the title.

Unfortunately a mistake in the golden score period cost him the full success against an experienced athlete like :AZE Heydarov.

some promising effort also by Giacomo Gamba (who won against a man like :NED De Wit, but then wasted it all against an Ukranian guy when he had the route to the medal round open).

No comment on Fabio Basile, a former athlete...boiled, to say the least.

Not a good day also for the other judo player today on the mat.


today's action recap

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last day of the championships...


and France thanks to Romane Dicko won their 3rd gold medal, which gave them the final victory in the medal table (3 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze medals for them).


Great Britain, Netherlands and Georgia finished the tournament with 2 Gold medals each.


Azerbaijan, Spain, Israel, Ukraine and Germany won "only" 1 Gold medal each.


Italy didn't have a memorable championship, despite some encouraging results by a few youngsters (in particular, today we finally got a very rare medal in the women's super-heavyweight thanks to the promising Asya Tavano).


A lot of regrets for Alice Bellandi, who dominated 2 of the top 3 specialists in the world in the -78kg class (Malonga in the quarterfinals and Malzahn in the bronze medal fight), but wasted the chance of her (young) career in the semi against Boehm (she got a stupid 3rd shido in the golden score period)...


full results

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Without most of our best judokas we still managed to end these championships with medal, silver of Piotr Kuczera who changed his starting weight, from this season, from -90kg to -100kg :thumbup:

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Nice to see Tselidis win bronze here in the Men's -90kg. He won bronze in 2018 and then struggled with injuries so he missed Tokyo, but now he is looking good for Paris :thumbup:

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