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  1. Only seven boxers in the heavyweight division, which means top seed Yang Xiaoli gets a bye to the semis. Does that mean she's a medallist by default, like Taylah Robertson was in last year's Commonwealth Games?
  2. I see the 63kg division (named light in the Olympic qualification system and team delegations handbook) has become light welter and light in yesterday's documents (respective examples here and here). What's that about? Had another look and it appears they've called the 57kg division bantam and feather as well. (The latter is the current Olympic name)
  3. Sorry, I should have made it clear that I was referring to the London 2012 shoot-off, not today's.
  4. Oh aye, another global championship fourth-place finish for Alessandra Perilli in the women's trap, to go with the 2009 WCh and 2012 Olympics. She was actually in a three-way shoot-off for silver in the latter (that's what Wiki says, anyway), so missing out on winning a maiden Olympic medal for San Marino must have been especially painful.
  5. Two medal ceremonies for the K1M 200 yesterday: Minsk podium Revised Baku podium (three-quarters of it as McKeever retired after Rio)
  6. Would love to see Jenny Egan win a medal in the K1W 5000m - she was fourth in Baku. Given recent results (including a WCh bronze from last year), she is capable of making the rostrum.
  7. And brutal cross-headwinds, which explains why the times are so slow today. Incredibly, I think that's 37 year-old Beaumont's first championship gold - a bit like Jo Pavey in athletics. Craciun was probably the most delighted of today's lot - at least amongst the 200m racers.
  8. Good to see the men's kayak single 200s getting broadcast. With canoe sprint only getting 2 World Cup regattas per season as of late, it'll be interesting to see who wins that event in Heath's absence (with only the WCh still to come) as the top guys are mostly European. I don't know why Beaumont and Seja were made to share a heat, though (which the former won to qualify directly for the final). On another note - if Google's translation of this Swedish article is correct, there will be a medal reallocation ceremony for Menning w.r.t the previous Euro Games K1M 200 (upgr
  9. On to canoe sprint - can anyone make sense of the second K2W 500m heat? Results page and corresponding PDF doc have different times for everybody.
  10. Marlen Reusser raced (and won) her first UCI-classified event in 2017 according to PCS - the Swiss ITT champs. She joined the UCI's WCC team this year and claimed her first international victory in the Ljubljana-Domžale-Ljubljana TT a few weeks ago. She was 29th in the 2017 WCh ITT, 17th in 2018 and might sneak into the top 10 this year (which few others on that startlist have achieved or are capable of).
  11. A quick reminder of what EG sports will factor in Tokyo 2020 qualification: For anyone interested, that article also includes a detailed explanation as to why canoe sprint isn't one of those sports, despite its previously being designated as such.
  12. Any ideas when the 2022 ISSF WCh host will be decided? All I've seen is a speculative edit on the Wiki page suggesting it's London. In light of shooting being left out of the 2022 Commonwealth Games (set to be reconfirmed shortly), that would be delightfully ironic if it came to pass.
  13. Thinking specifically of 5-berth divisions - would that in effect mean two lower classification semi-finals and a final for the quarter-final losers? That potentially means you fight one match more than an Olympic bronze medallist, assuming equal levels of participation. In that scenario - you wouldn't want to be an Americas lightweight boxer that makes a LC final in their continental qualifier, loses (and a Japanese boxer in their division qualifies, releasing the host berth to another NOC), then reaches a LC final in the world qualifier and loses again. Or would it ju
  14. Yes to both, if it follows the procedure used in Rio 2016 qualifiers (box-off for the third of 3 berths*; final ranking for the fifth / sixth of 5 or 6 berths (in this case QF losses to the champ / runner-up)). The ranking method also applies to any berths not taken up by a qualifying NOC and passed on to another. [* EDIT - Except the 2015 men's WCh also used the ranking method in this scenario, I think.]
  15. No surprise to see the women's weight limits confirmed as 51 / 60 / 75 kg (existing) plus 57 / 69 kg (new). As for the men - 49 and 52 will have to share 52 (fly, as before); 56 (bantam) becomes 57 (feather); 60 and 64 will have to share 63 (light). 69 and above stay the same. All this, combined with AIBA apparently being close to bankruptcy may well kill off both of this year's World Championships.
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