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  1. I assume there was no seeding for these championships, seeing as Hasanboy Dusmatov, Saken Bibossinov, and Yuberjen Martínez share the same quarter of the flyweight draw... indeed the first two actually fight each other in the first round of 32 (!)
  2. Kosovo not on the startlists, so it appears the Serbian authorities stood firm on not granting them access despite AIBA's statement. A team of refugees (labelled the Fair Chance Team) is listed... well, two of them. The second team is a one-boxer curiosity - it's Fawaz Aborode, a member of Byron Boxing Club who's come through the Scottish system over the past 4 years or so (can't find anything earlier than that on Google) and is otherwise listed as part of the Scottish team (second from right in picture below).
  3. He doesn't have a ProCyclingStats profile, though - which means he's not entered any UCI-classified road races or time trials (even national championships), and presumably has never belonged to a WorldTour or ProSeries trade team either. Both are pre-requisites for would-be road cycling Olympians from mid/high-level nations. As for today, though - timings suggest he's good for a rainbow jersey tonight. He did benefit from a draft towards the end but Jonathan Milan got two catches in his qualifying ride.
  4. Lambie only started riding track in 2017. He isn't a high-level bunch racer on the track and the only Tokyo 2020 event he'd have been picked for would have been the team pursuit (which the US men did not qualify for). As for Ganna - don't forget he also cracked a rib the other day. He was set for last Sunday's Chrono des Nations but pulled out to focus on these championships.
  5. He qualified second (59.269!) in the kilo - if he rides like that in the final, he'll win a medal.
  6. Winning margin was a tiny 0.017! Don't know for sure but that's got to be the smallest AA Worlds-winning margin since the 2006 Code and its successors were introduced.
  7. BEAT Cycling (Havik and Van Schip's trade team) have a theory as to why the UCI did not grant the Dutch dispensation for all events despite the rules stating otherwise - see Twitter thread
  8. IMAS Sport doing the timekeeping this time. Finalists in Olympic qualifier races also get a bye to the semis of the World Cup equivalents, given the packed schedule.
  9. has entries in MK1 200/1000, WK1/WC2 500 and MK2 1000. Winner of MK2 1000 gets the boat quota, as do the top two in WK1/WC2 500 and MK1 200/1000. However, nations in top two of both MK1 events only get 1000 quota; 200 quota passes on to highest-placed nation not qualified in the 1000. (Same goes for WK1 200/500.)
  10. You can scratch from that race as they received an Olympic boat quota reallocated after the recent Asian Qualifier. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the process was: Natalya Sergeyeva won AQ WK1 500 -> boat quota goes to Inna Klinova won AQ WK1 200, but already has WK1 quota (as above) Yuka Ono finished 2nd behind Klinova -> boat quota goes to Host country WK1 500 boat quota is reallocated to best-placed 2019 WCh country not already qualified ( since Rebeka Simon was 7th) Also, the Szeged regatta startlist & results (Euro Qualifier & World Cup 1) are available here.
  11. Only seven boxers in the heavyweight division, which means top seed Yang Xiaoli gets a bye to the semis. Does that mean she's a medallist by default, like Taylah Robertson was in last year's Commonwealth Games?
  12. I see the 63kg division (named light in the Olympic qualification system and team delegations handbook) has become light welter and light in yesterday's documents (respective examples here and here). What's that about? Had another look and it appears they've called the 57kg division bantam and feather as well. (The latter is the current Olympic name)
  13. Sorry, I should have made it clear that I was referring to the London 2012 shoot-off, not today's.
  14. Oh aye, another global championship fourth-place finish for Alessandra Perilli in the women's trap, to go with the 2009 WCh and 2012 Olympics. She was actually in a three-way shoot-off for silver in the latter (that's what Wiki says, anyway), so missing out on winning a maiden Olympic medal for San Marino must have been especially painful.
  15. Two medal ceremonies for the K1M 200 yesterday: Minsk podium Revised Baku podium (three-quarters of it as McKeever retired after Rio)
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