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  1. Where I can see woman team epee livescore or live stream?
  2. What you think Bogdanovic and Jokic play against USA today or not?
  3. Diamond league final winner will get diamond also or only money?
  4. Where is Eba Andreson is she ill or why she doesn´t compete in Seefeld?
  5. Thank you I have one more question For exmple USA can´t compete in european championships so they can earn only one world championships if I summary points I will write 0 pints To america for european championships?
  6. Or if it´s tennis ranking it means for example that if Estonia don´t win World cup in Havanna in next year then we lose points because we defend title there? Can you tell me what place Estonia earned last year dubai world cup Then I know what place we need this year to defend our points and I understand that these points go OQP?
  7. So I must add from aprill 2019 until to april 2020 and then I will get Olympic ranking? For example in first copetiton Estonia will earn 40 points and on second competiton 64 points is this mean that they have 104 points in olympic ranking or not?
  8. is there start new ranking from zero points for OOQP? or pointds added to ranking that you have earned allready?
  9. 17 may team world cup in dubai is this already goes Olympic qualification period or not?
  10. What time team competiton starts today and where I can find live live stream?
  11. Where I can see livestream this competiton? Thank you.
  12. Can anybody tell me where and when take place next world cup consist of epee female team contest? Please post link.
  13. How many world rankings points team winner and other places too?
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