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  1. Why boxing is a joke exhibit 146435: Yesterday in Women's World Championship, in 60kg bout betwen and , in first round, 4 of the 5 judges gave the round 10:9 while the 5th judge gave round 10:8. Similarly, in the next two rounds as well, the same 4 judges gave us round 10:9 and 5th judge gave round 10:9. Now, since I didn't watch the fight I can understand 2nd and 3rd rounds. But, how in the world can 4 judges think that boxer A edged a round while 5th judge thinks that boxer B completely dominated the round. This just doesn't make any sense.
  2. First Thomas Cup medal for us. The thing that impressed me the most yesterday was how close all 8 the teams are. On a given day, any of the 8 teams could defeat the others. I would put as slight favourites but honestly anything is possible. Another interesting tidbit. We had same QF matchups vs , vs and vs in both Thomas Cup and Uber Cup. In 4th QF, it was vs /. And except which defeated twice, rest all QFs were split giving us 7 different medallists.
  3. I am not a fan of Mahinda Rajapaksa but honestly this is a benign thing. Almost all of us have our lucky charms and superstitions. I won't call him anti-science as well. He didn't promote any crazy anti-science ideas. In fact, one of the big reason for the current situation in Sri Lanka is MR promoted organic farming without fertilizers, partly to reduce import bill, partly on advice of environmentalists and partly on advice of Buddhist monks. This resulted in crop yields dropping a lot and forcing Sri Lanka to import food.
  4. Meanwhile situation in Sri Lanka continues to deteriorate. PM Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned. There are multiple reports of violence and arson. Ancestral house of Rajapaksas has been burned down. In another bizzare incident, a ruling party MP opened fire on protesters and then later committed suicide.
  5. With the postponement of Asian Games, it seems highly unlikely that the games would be held on time. And if postponement results in solving another tricky situation (Russia 2023), that would be icing on the cake.
  6. But how does Pan Am Cup placement matter? But, honestly how did qualify. According to wiki, (also ) are ahead of in the team rankings. Did others reject the reallocation?
  7. There is no clarity at present. With a limit of 5 men and 5 women, I think this was the best combination. 2 Singles, 1 Doubles team and 1 Mixed doubles player per gender. But, this means that almost certainly, we won't be fielding 2 Doubles team. Even in 2018 CWG, we fielded only 1 team apiece in MD and WD. For XD, apart from Ashwini/Sumeeth, it is possible that some combination of other doubles players might team up to field a second team. Bigger issue is XD at Asian Games. I won't be surprised if Krishna/Vishnu are replaced by Sumeeth and Ishaan for Asian Games allowing Sumeeth/Ashwini and Ishaan/Tanisha to participate in XD event. But this would mean that for Men's Team event, our reserve doubles pair will be Sumeeth/Ishaan who have never played together.
  8. As of today, Tanisha is looking for a new doubles partner. I am sure Tan Kim Her and other coaches will find a new partner for her soon. Whether it will be Treesa or someone else, let us wait and see.
  9. Finally BWF announces gradual unfreezing of rankings.
  10. I am not seeing anything related to MQS and Double starter in Shooting. So, how would that be handled?
  11. To be frank, everyone mixes politics and sports. It is not limited to West. I am sure all of us can collectively list instances involving all the major countries.
  12. It has been a day since the qualification documents are available for some sports and we are not arguing over how to interpret them, so I would say good start.
  13. To be frank, Treesa/Gayatri have not done enough to get automatic spot. But they and Ashwini/Sikki should not have much problem in qualifiers. Specially since Tanisha/Rutuparna have split. My team: MS: Lakshya, Srikanth, Prannoy, Mithun MD: Satwik-Chirag, Arjun-Kapila, Krishna-Vishnu WS: Sindhu, Malvika, Anupama, Aakrishi, Ashmita WD: Treesa/Gayathri, Ashwini/Sikki, Tanisha
  14. BAI will hold qualifying tournament, April 15-20, for Thomas and Uber Cup. Top-15 in rankings (Lakshya, Srikanth, Sindhu and Satwik-Chirag) are directly selected to the tournament. There is another clause where top performers over the past 3 months might also get direct selection. The way I see it, Prannoy and Treesa/Gayatri are the only ones who can realistically stake a claim for direct selection. But, I think only Prannoy would get it.
  15. Day of resignations in South Asia. Entire Sri Lankan cabinet apart from PM Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned. This follows the emergency which was imposed recently by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Sri Lanka has been facing a lot of economic turmoil recently which has started to result in civil unrest.
  16. In Pakistan, PM Imran Khan, cricket WC winning captain, has dissolved National Assembly after opposition parties moved a no-confidence motion against him. Opposition parties have rejected this and has ‘elected’ Shahbaz Sharif, brother of ex-PM Nawaz Sharif, as the new PM. There are reports of clashes in National Assembly as well.
  17. Latest example of impending Indian Muslim Genocide: Uniform Civil Code
  18. To clarify, I didn't think Taliban is going to change. I just thought that such old rules would be implemented at a local level and the top leadership would just be silent on them. But it is clear that I was wrong.
  19. I had honestly hoped that as part of the deal with the World, Taliban would be allowed to take over Afghanistan and in return they won't indulge in overt discrimination and human rights abuses. Alas!!!
  20. India's lone representative in Beijing WOG was Arif Mohd Khan, a Kashmiri. Apart from him, a large number of our winter sportsperson come from Jammu & Kashmir. In Cricket, a couple of Kashmiris have represented India. Suresh Raina, a Kashmiri Pandit by ethnicity, was an integral part of Indian cricket team for more than a decade. But probably the biggest J&K sportsperson to represent India would be rifle shooter Chain Singh. As J&K puts the past of terrorism behind and moves ahead on the path of normalcy and peace, I am sure that we will see many more Indian champions from J&K.
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