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  1. NoR, Usa, KOR and Ger in this comunication has all Reserve in 500m and their third skater are out of top 30….
  2. In 500 for example NOR has the third skater in Rànking position 33 and in the list he was in. wich IS t’he diference between ISU list and Wikipedia list?
  3. the official list is nothing like the list that was being followed on wikipedia and that seemed to be correct
  4. I do not understand anything because they do not respect the rule that the third skater cannot enter if he is not among the top 20?does not meet the classification criteria of the classification rules
  5. So what does this rule mean or what is it for if it is simply that they can use 9 skaters?
  6. Any of you think that any country will reject any spot on 500 and 1000m?
  7. So it’s not possible that Nederlands may rejected any quita for example un 500 m?
  8. Yes but 9 diferent skaters for 9 spots ir 9 diferent skaters for all of the spots they earned (15 un total for men for example)
  9. Basis on ISU qualification rules for Beiging in speedsaktind that says: " The highest number of event quota places is 3 (in Men’s 500m) plus 5 other events having at least 1 athlete (1000m, 1500m, 5000m, 10000m and Mass Start). This brings the total to 8. Thus for quota allocation purposes: If the NOC also qualifies in the Men’s team pursuit, the NOC can be allocated up to 8 Men quota places. If the NOC does not qualify in the Men’s team pursuit, the NOC can be allocated up to 7 Men quota places" Do you think that maximum Nederlands men quota is 9 quotas or 9 skater for all the quotas earned??
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