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    Sorry, i completely forgot about it, now its sadly too late. I hope you guys will have a lot of fun (as you always do) and may the best song win ... Maybe i will participate for the first time next year ... This was my early favorite to represent Germany by the way:
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    No - although it is kind of invisible, the scoring in play-off games and qualifications uses the same set of rules as in group matches, so 3-0 or 3-1 win gets 3 points, 3-2 win gets 2 point, 2-3 defeat gets one point, and 0-3 or 1-3 defeat gets 0 points. So a 3-0 win and then a 1-3 defeat would be interpreted as a draw, because each team would have won 3 points for the match they won. In such case, a special "golden set" is played to determine the winner. It plays like a regular tie-break, you have to score 15 points to win, having at least 2 points more than the opponent. -the rule is actually quite similar to the extra time in football. The same rule applies if you win 3-2 and then lose 2-3. So basically to qualify to the next round, a team has to win 3 sets in the first match, and then another 2 sets in the second leg.
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    Only 4 teams qualify to the Group Stage, the rest of the places is taken by the teams from the best ranked leagues (http://www.volleyball.ch/fileadmin/user_uploads/manually_uploads_via_webtool/EC_RANKING.pdf). There is no rule that says the reigning champions are pre-qualified. If they won't end season in their National League that would guarantee them a place at least in the qualifying round, they will be absent from the Champions League.
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    Last minute empty net goal in the AHL match Belleville - Syracuse ended by this here the moment
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    Not quite accurate. Tomashova and Aregawi have not been disqualified. Tomashova failed a drug test in 2008 but returned to compete in 2010. She is considered "clean" in 2012. Aregawi did not fail a drug test until 2016 and is also considered "clean" for 2012 Klocova crossed the line 8th but is now 5th. Dobriskey 10th but now 6th
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    Great selection! I want to add these to the pile.... Sorry, I couldn't help myself to include another
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    we have only 1 participant this time , the sport is vanishing in Egypt , actually many sports are struggling after floating currency that the government did last year , it really affected sport badly
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    3 dead, 365,000 homes without power.... national emergency declared and all public services and almost all places of employment are closed across the whole island. Schools will remain closed tomorrow. I am returning to Ireland by ferry tomorrow morning from Scotland. Hoping it won't be cancelled as the storm is coming this way tonight.. It's worse not being at home during this in a way, you feel the worry more when you aren't there and just relying on updates. The storm is expected to hit my home place in the next hour so am keeping in contact with family to see how things are.