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Darts PDC World Series 2022 (Queenslands Darts Masters)


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Open Individual (4/7)
Non-Olympic Event
Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals

:BEL Dimitri Van den Bergh

6 :BEL Dimitri Van den Bergh 4 :ENG Joe Cullen 5 Final

:AUS Koha Kokiri


:ENG Joe Cullen

6 :ENG Joe Cullen 6

:AUS Dave Marland


:NED Michael van Gerwen

6 :NED Michael van Gerwen 6 :NED Michael van Gerwen 7 :NED Michael van Gerwen 8

:AUS Bailey Marsh


:WAL Jonny Clayton

2 :AUS Haupai Puha 1

:AUS Haupai Puha


:ENG Michael Smith

6 :ENG Michael Smith 4 :AUS Gordon Mathers 1 :WAL Gerwyn Price 5

:AUS Joe Comito


:ENG Fallon Sherrock

3 :AUS Gordon Mathers 6

:AUS Gordon Mathers


:ENG James Wade

2 :AUS Simon Whitlock 3 :WAL Gerwyn Price 7 No 3rd Place Match

:AUS Simon Whitlock


:WAL Gerwyn Price

6 :WAL Gerwyn Price 6

:AUS Damon Heta



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