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Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 World Championship 2022


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Qualified Nations


GROUP A:  :AUT Austria, :CAN Canada, :CZE Czech Republic, :FIN Finland, :GER Germany

GROUP B:  :RUS Russia, :SVK Slovakia, :SWE Sweden, :SUI Switzerland, :USA United States




2020 Championships Results


Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 World Championship 2020


Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 Division I Group A World Championship 2020




Tournament Format


The 10 teams are divided into two, five-team Preliminary groups A and B in the Preliminary Round.


After a single round-robin series in each group, the top four teams from each group advance to the Playoff Round while the fifth-placed team in each group will end their tournament.


The top four placed teams from the Preliminary will play a cross-over Quarterfinal game: 1A vs. 4B, 1B vs. 4A, 2A vs. 3B and 2B vs. 3A. The winner of each Quarterfinal moves onto the Semi-Finals.

In the semi-finals the best-ranked team - criteria: 1) placement in the group, 2) points in the preliminary round, 3) goal difference in the preliminary round, 4) goals scored in the preliminary round, 5) seeding coming into the tournament - will play against the lowest-ranked semi-finalist. The 2nd-best ranked semi-finalist will play the 3rd-best ranked semi-finalist. The host if qualified, or otherwise the best-ranked semi-finalist according to beforementioned criteria, shall play the early game. The time slots will officially be determined after the quarter-final games.


The winner of each Semi-Final game will move onto the Gold Medal Game, while the losers will play in the Bronze Medal Game.

The quarter-final losers will be ranked 5th to 8th according to 1. their position in the group, 2. their preliminary-round record (1. points, 2. goal difference, 3. goals scored).

Relegation Round Cancelled

The two last-placed (5th) teams of both Preliminary Round groups will finish the tournament ranked 9th and 10th according their results (Points, Goals average, Goals Scored) in the Preliminary Round.

All Teams will play in the Top division also next year 2024 in a special 11 Teams Tournament together with Belarus promoted nation from this year U20 Division I Group A Tournament.



Tournament Schedule


Standing Link


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Travel day....Made in Slovakia :p


Our team left this morning at 06:00 AM from the national basecamp center in Piešťany...


BUS: Piešťany - Munich :GER Airport: 6 hours / 600 kilometers  ...arrived at 13:00

PLANE: Munich :GER - Reykjavik :ISL : 3 h 30 min / 2 700 km  ....arrived cca 18:30

PLANE: Reykjavik :ISL - Edmonton :CAN : 6 h 15 min / 4 950 km  ...arrived cca 21:30 Local Time

mandatory PCR testing in Edmonton

BUS: Edmonton :CAN - Red Deer :CAN : 2h / 150 km  ...expected arrival during late night local time


So a clean travel time cca 17 h 45 min and 8 400 km.



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and our European part of the team finally arrived to Red Deer at 01:30 AM. and our team was welcomed by a very interesting -30° freeze in the host city lol


The North-American based players will join the team during this morning




Actually really looking forward for this tournament, since we can seriously have 2 NHL Draft Top 10s (Šimon Nemec and especially Juraj Slafkovský) and another Top 20 (Filip Mešár) + a real 2023 Top 3 NHL Draft prospect the 16 years young Dalibor Dvorský, so the kids can change their lifes during this tournament, they have everything on their own hands,

so highest time to persuade the scouts lads.


for the rest of the team Good luck guys ! Try your best and Enjoy your tournament ! Sadly we have a very difficult group this year with USA, RUS and SWE, so the main match should be the game against SUI to avoid the relegation round.



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Now this is something ! :yikes:


The Youngest Team






The Tallest team






The Heaviest Team






The most experienced team (and it is still the Youngest one :lol:)





How ? I mean how it is even possible ?  you don't feed your children in the world? :lol:

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So we should have at least 1 test match at the end. the 23rd december at 14:00 local time (22:00 CET) against Germany. After this match the coaches will announce the final roster after 3 Players will not make the final cut.


The bad news is only the two Edmonton games will be TV covered..oh well


Pre-Tournament exhibition games


Dec. 23 | Finland vs. United States | 12 p.m. MT | Rogers Place | Edmonton

Dec. 23 | Slovakia vs. Germany | 2 p.m. MT | Peavey Mart Centrium | Red Deer

Dec. 23 | Russia vs. Canada | 5 p.m. MT | Rogers Place | Edmonton

Dec. 23 | Czechia vs. Switzerland | 5 p.m. MT | Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre | Red Deer

Dec. 23 | Austria vs. Sweden | 7 p.m. MT | Peavey Mart Centrium | Red Deer

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The tournament will have attendance capacity limited to 50 percent.


The decision follows the new anti-covid measures in the province of Alberta that introduced capacity limits for indoor sports events. The Canadian Hockey Association informed about it on its official website.

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