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  • Blind Football: Morocco wins African title and qualifies for Paris 2024 Paralympic Games


    Morocco, the host national team of the 2022 IBSA Blind Football African Championship, won the continental title with a 2-0 victory against Mali in the final. The home team never lost a game on the way to the gold match.


    Earlier, in the bronze medal match, Egypt got the best of Ivory Coast with a 2-0 victory.


    Check the results and standings in the group stage:


    Day 1 – Saturday (17/9)
    Ivory Coast vs Nigeria (0-1)
    Egypt vs Morocco (0-4)


    Day 2 – Sunday (18/9)
    Ivory Coast vs Egypt (1-0)
    Morocco vs Mali (3-0)


    Day 3 – Monday (19/9)
    Mali vs Ivory Coast (2-0)
    Egypt vs Nigeria (1-0)


    Day 4 – Wednesday (21/9)
    Egypt vs Mali (0-2)
    Nigeria vs Morocco (0-4)


    Day 5 – Thursday (22/9)
    Mali vs Nigeria (3-0)
    Morocco vs Ivory Coast (4-0)


    1.º Morocco 4G-4W-15-0 12P
    2.º Mali 4G-3W-1L-7-3 9P
    3.º Ivory Coast 4G-1W-3L-1-7 3P
    4.º Egypt 4G-1W-3L-1-7 3P
    5.º Nigeria 4G-1W-3L-1-8 3P


    Day 6 FINALS – Friday (23/9)
    Bonze medal match: Ivory Coast vs Egypt (0-2)
    Final match: Morocco vs Mali (2-0)


    Final standings
    1.º Morocco 
    2.º Mali 
    3.º Egypt
    4.º Ivory Coast
    5.º Nigeria


    Best scorers
    1.º Zouhair Snisla (Morocco): 5 goals 
    2.º Mamadouf Kone (Mali): 5 goals 
    3.º Hattab Abderrazak (Morocco): 4 goals


    Morocco has therefore won the African Olympic Quota for Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. It has also secured its place for the next World Cup, which is set to take place from August 18 to 27, 2023 in Birmingham, the UK.


    The Blind Football Qualification Tracker to Paris 2024 Paralympic Games can be found here.


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