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  1. Congrats Rasmus Dahlin. The second Swede to be selected as #1 in NHL entry draft. I'm so happy for him.
  2. Next time I will not say which team I cheer for. Lol.
  3. Well I want to see it before I believe it.
  4. Go Iceland!!!!!!! but Nigeria has amazing jerseys.
  5. I hope swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin will picked as #1 in the 2018 NHL Entry draft. If he does that he will the first Swede to do that since Mats Sundin in 1989.
  6. Ok Thank you! It's a great season for him.
  7. I know he won Maurice Richard and Conn Smythe but which is the third individual trophy he won? Anyway Congrats Ovie for an amazing season.
  8. Zlatan is the best! He's not in this WC and still we are talking about him. He's the king.
  9. Too bad for Denmark. I wanted them to win. Oh well.
  10. Come on Peru. I want a goal from you too.
  11. Who should I cheer for? For the underdog Peru or the European country France?
  12. I'm so happy Victor Hedman won Norris trophy. Well-deserved.
  13. Well I'm happy that Sweden even is in WC at all. Germany is the favorite of course. But I hope Sweden can stand up against them and it will be a good game. Cheers.
  14. Thank you for your explaination. I totally see your point. Cheers.
  15. Yes, I know it looks strange. I usually cheer for the top teams. But I think it's fun for the sport if the underdogs also wins. And I don't agree with it's a bad WC only becausevthe top teams doing bad.
  16. It is a bad WC because the top nations doing bad? I think it's good for the sport if other teams get the chance sometimes. It's boring if the same teams wins all the time I think.
  17. Come on Spain, I want to see some goals.
  18. Yes I admit he is a grat player too but he seems to has a very bad personality.
  19. Am I the only one who dislike Suarez? Gosh I really dislike that guy.
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