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  1. Olympic Ranking before GP Doha was: Mesptead (GBR) 98 pts Llavador (ESP) 89 pts Choupenitch (CZE) 64 pts In Doha, Mesptead and Llavador haven´t add points. Choupenitch has scored 12 points (T16) and take away his worst result (4 points) Final Classification Mesptead (GBR) 98 pts Llavador (ESP) 89 pts Choupenitch (CZE) 72 pts
  2. European quotas goes to Marcus Mepstead (GBR) and Carlos Llavador (ESP)
  3. Congratulations to Carlos LLAVADOR!! First quota in fencing to Spain. Pity for Teresa Diaz, but Karamete is on fire today!
  4. Options to take the Teresa Diaz quota: Hanna Lyczbinska (POL) Needs T16 Irem Karamete (TUR) Needs T8 Martyna Synoradzka (POL) Needs T8 Martyna Jelinska (POL) Needs bronze Maria Boldor (ROU) Needs silver Krystina Petrova (UKR) Needs gold Maria-Eleni Chaldaiou (GRE) Needs gold Pustilnik and Walczyk are out of the options
  5. All in the Egypt vs Japan for the 13th place in Kazan. Egypt take the quota only if wins
  6. Yeah, quota for Vitalis. Dramatic end. Kryvytska has lost in the gold point after the referee canceled her winner point
  7. Korean is favourite but Kryvytska is in a great level today
  8. Kryvytska is in a vital T16. If she wins, Vitalis loss the quota. Actually, tie with 111 points
  9. Trofeu Brasil Men Decathlon Felipe Vinicius Dos Santos 8.364 points
  10. Qualifications for the second day in Spanish Open (Castellón) 200 back women: África Zamorano (2:09.35) 200 medley men: Hugo González de Oliveira (1:58.63) 800 free women: Mireia Belmonte (8:32.61) 200 back men: Nicolas García (1:57.16)
  11. Qualifications for the first day in Spanish Open (Castellón) 200 breast women: Jessica Vall (2:24.62) 100 back men: Hugo González de Oliveira (53.84) 1.500 free women: Mireia Belmonte (16:05.02)
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